Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

we all fear something or another such as height, water, insects, etc, etc. maybe it may be only fear but for a few, it turns out to be a phobia, there are 530 such phobias and more to discover.

a phobia can be very distressing for a person causing a panic or anxiety attack at that moment, it is an anxiety disorder relating to the psychological factor. A person having phobia has a constant fear of something and the effect takes up rapidly onset causing fainting or letting out a scream. mostly children and teens are affected by phobias usually varying from age 10 to 17 and the rate decrease as people get older, the effect can be mild to severely disabled Women suffer from being phobic more than men

As per the recent studies the top five most phobias are:

1. ARACHNOPHOBIA~ fear of spiders, nearly 30.5% of people suffer this phobia, and is pretty common, the tiny eight-legged insect can scare the soul out of the person who suffers this phobia, and most women are affected by this phobia.

2. OPHIDIPHOBIA~ fear of snakes, it is a most common survival instinct for a human but sometimes they also start fearing other reptiles too eg. a small lizard, these scaly reptiles can make a person run a mile if they have a phobia.

3. ACROPHOBIA~ the fear of heights or falling, honestly roller coasters, hiking, or even a 10th stories building can cause a panic attack to the person who suffers this and nearly 10% of the people suffer from this phobia, so guys adventure leading towards height is not a good idea for you.

4. AGORAPHOBIA~ fear of open or crowded places, most commonly called social phobia that can cause the person to stay indoors leading to depression. it’s not that common but mostly 2 out of 100 people suffer from being this phobic.

5. CYNOPHOBIA~ fear of dogs, just a question!? how do people even fear these cute little pooches!! but reality hits they can send chills down the spine for a cynophobic. More than 36% of people suffer this, such phobia mostly began in childhood staying persistent till old age.

phobias mostly began from childhood and the common answer that why does a person develops a phobia is cause they would have gone through certain traumatic events related to that phobia eg. drowning causing the person to fear water. It’s all related to our anxiety level. a phobia may be super irrational but then a person can’t help it.

overcoming a phobia can be a task, but if it’s critical seek help. and if you feel it can be managed honestly try and overcome it. there’s always hope just have the will to fight your fears.