Top five romantic K-dramas to binge-watch on Netflix

Antara Chakraborthy
Best Korean dramas

Once you start watching these romantic K-dramas on Netflix, you'll find it hard to stop.

Yes, the coronavirus outbreak is a bummer. And is the forced self-isolation making you feel even worse about the situation? Not to worry! I have the perfect solution that will not make you feel bad about being crammed inside your house all day.

Korean romance dramas. I can guarantee that once you start watching these K-dramas on Netflix, you'll find it hard to stop. The shows are known for their ridiculously good-looking actors, entertaining plots and the best part, they are almost always only one season. So you don't have to worry about a series turning sour. Additionally, they are very easy to binge-watch and don't require a lot of emotional investment, which is great for mindless TV watching.

Today, I will be focusing on the top five romantic dramas that I have watched so far. (Fair warning: I have barely scratched the surface of K-dramas)

Crash Landing On You

My current favourite, this series is the story of a rich South Korean girl (Son Ye-jin), who accidentally ends up in the forbidden military lines of North Korea. She is discovered by a North Korean army officer (a terrific Hyun Bin), who decides to protect her and secretly help her return to South Korea. They face several obstacles along the way because of the dispute between their respective countries. But of course, they fall in love. The show is currently among the most popular K-dramas in the world. It received praise for its portrayal of North Korea as a place where people actually live, unlike the western image where it is all death and destruction. You can watch if you are curious about the North Korean way of living and of course, whether our beloved lead actors will end up together or not.

Something in the Rain

Starring Son Ye-Jin and Jung Hae-in, Something in the Rain is a beautiful, light-hearted rom-com. The show focuses on an unconventional relationship between a 30-something woman and a man who is in his mid-20s. The lead actors’ chemistry in the show is so genuine that you cannot help but root for them. The show delves into their struggle with the age difference, breaking the taboo around it and subsequently, finding the courage to go public with it. There is also a fantastic sub-plot that highlights the various problems faced by women in the corporate world of South Korea. A definite must-watch.

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun is considered to be one of the OG romantic dramas. The show was a major hit upon its release, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Primarily a love story between an army captain (Song Joong-ki) and a doctor with a strong moral compass (Song Hye-kyo), the show addresses various conflicts (especially conflicts of the heart) and how it is resolved by the leads. What makes the show even more memorable are the cute moments the lead actors share. Even though circumstances force them to be apart, we are constantly made to feel the separation and angst. Of course, it helps that actors Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki were married in real life (they have since divorced), so most of their affection and romantic moments seem very natural and it will make you swoon.

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim is a watered-down version of Grey’s Anatomy and that’s perfect if you, like me, think the latter has become over-the-top. As the name suggests, it’s a medical drama with all the elements that make for solid, uninterrupted viewing. There is a neglected hospital, a brilliant surgeon/mentor, romance, edge-of-the-seat medical surgeries and some good-old action scenes. Why would you not watch it? It is noteworthy to mention that this show is among the very few K-dramas to get renewed for a second season.

It’s Okay, That’s Love

This is probably the least popular one among the lot but hear me out. It’s Okay, That’s Love, despite its corny title, is actually a very interesting show that tackles mental illnesses. Gong Hyo-jin is a psychiatrist who crosses paths with a successful author and RJ, played by Jo In-sung. More than the relationship between these two, I was more interested in the parallel storyline. Without revealing much, it involves murder, a court-case, a revenge-obsessed brother and redemption, where deep-seated wounds are healed with love and medical treatment. I really enjoyed the whiplash moment, where the show turns from a cute rom-com to a serious show where we are shown how serious some mental illnesses are, without being disrespectful. I strongly urge you to give this a shot.

Happy watching!