Top food trends to watch out for in 2020


Southern Indian newcomer Padmanabham is not your average curry house, there’s something enigmatic about it that brings an interesting touch of the South of India to Janpath, New Delhi owing to also an in depth research into the cuisine and culture of all the four states while creating the menu.

“Regional cuisines and deeper research on our own culinary traditions is something which is taking root in our ongoing quest to delve deep into the past era to know more about their food knowledge, preparation, techniques etc.” shares Ashish Bhasin, Executive Chef, The Leela Ambience Gurgaon.


We will see a rise in veganism. Burger King’s meat-free patty saw a surge in sales immediately after launching in retail stores across Southern California and New York City. 

Sample this…Disney has publicised that all of its foremost table and quick and service eateries will be offering plant based options along with a new plant based menu icon, a green leaf for Disney dining.

Chef Consultant Bakshish Dean feels that turning vegan will become more mainstream as many consumers today like the idea of vegan dairy or meat alternatives as they trust that those will have more plants and have more nutrition as well.

“Go Local, Be Sustainable and Go Basics will be the new mantra alongside use of plant based products. Daily menu concept based on daily availability from farms and aquaponics - plant grown without soil in water is more on the anvil,” says Chef Vikas Singh Executive Chef - Hyatt Regency Kolkata.

Pegan is a cross between vegan and paleo and excludes refined sugar and flour, chemical additives etc. and focuses on consuming whole nutrient dense foods so you don’t end up just counting calories and one is naturally satiated. Nut butters with added fat, keto cheese chips to cashew yogurt will find place on super market shelves.


Imagine being in the Gatsby movie, just a little rawer, surrounded by gentlemen smoking cigars, dancing to the roaring Twenties music, sharing a meal with the gangsters and having a good laugh with the mafias.Yes, that is exactly what Distillery, Gurgaon does.

And that’s not all, Chef Anas Qureshi has created a menu which is outstanding and one needs to experience to know. La Roca at Aerocity is restaurateur Dinesh Arora’s take on a bar with an alter-ego. It's a casual diner in the daytime and a high-energy bar in the night!

Global comfort food, cocktails with fresh fruit infusions, 3D Visual mapping and European architecture all come under one roof to form a unique blend of affordable luxury! “TKS Oriental Grill will be celebrating its silver jubilee in 2020 so we are expecting people to come and enjoy the dramatic dining at TKS.

Also, this may also lead to a renewed interest in haute cuisine and fine dining,” shares Amit Rohilla, Executive Chef Hyatt Regency Delhi.


I recently dined at a restaurant called Culprit in Auckland where the food is surely something to write home about with trolleys offering it yum cha style.

At State Bird Provisions in San Francisco too food is served in tapas portions, waitresses keep passing by with their trolleys, and you pick and choose what you like.

“A tapas style tasting menu that is innovative yet authentic and nostalgic when it comes to taste and the fuss free style tasting menus are the new way forward. Gone are the days of a heavy duty tasting menu,” says Head Chef Dhruv Oberoi of Olive Qutub, Delhi.

“At Imperfecto Shor in Delhi, we have no trolleys, but have various events where we make a menu offering the meal tapas style,” shares Chef Manager Akanksha Dean.


Taking inspiration from culinary cues and eating habits like sharing some dishes just the way it would be at the table evokes nostalgia. At Prankster, Chandigarh Chef Harangad imbues flavours from the back alleys of India and metamorphoses them into a current culinary experience.

Prankster’s cooking methods are true to thousands of years of Indian tradition, yet the flavours are quintessentially 21st century – modern, subtle and thrilling.

“2020 is going to be what I call a year of intrinsic experiences. Experiences that are core and essential yet modern. Think serving progressive portions of Lamb biryani in a mini deg or copper pots topped with home cooked lamb that is away from the finely ground cashew nut paste but rather is evolved from a traditional house hold recipe.

It’s just not about eating this biryani it’s also about going and collecting wood charcoal to dum these small degs to ensure that the flavours are right and cooking is to taste,” says Sandeep Pande, Executive Chef, JW Marriott Aerocity.