Top influencer Rinku Chatlani reveals her fashion mantra and we are digging it

Our generation revolves around two major things now, and we bet you cannot live without it: Fashion and Technology. You will see news buzzing on these two topics almost everyday on social media, newspapers and magazines. People who are in these fields are working hard to make it big amidst all the chaos online.

Without a doubt, both fields need a sharp mind and a creative side. We found the perfect example who has combined the two and made her name in fashion and beauty industry with her chic choices using technology with just the right effect to make it big- Rinku Chatlani.

When asked about her fashion mantra and how she took to social media to build her empire, Rinku Chatlani shares, “Fashion is being real, the clothes you wear should express your personality. They say confidence is key but it really only comes when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. Social media is a different world altogether, it’s huge but that also gives us all the opportunity to co-exist. I leveraged this by sharing my personal style which was more inclined towards street style and now I try experiment more, but again, never compromising on comfort.”

Rinku Chatlani, a content creator from Bangalore who quit one of the best investment banking firms to follow her dream has always had an affinity towards fashion and makeup. While people think she is blessed with fantastic fashion sense, we too believe the same. Her style is relatable to the youth and you’ll never see her being over the top.

She further shares that she always got so many questions about what she’s wearing, whether it was at office or when she was out with friends. She started sharing outfit pictures on Instagram and got a great response on it, which is when she decided to turn it into a full-fledged career.

She is a perfect example of beauty with brains. Apart from blogging, she also owns an online store that goes by the name “Quirk Struck.” Of course leaving a corporate job isn’t an easy decision, but some are born to fly high in life.

If you aren’t already following her on Instagram, well you’re missing out! Her growing stature in the blogging world is inspiring to newcomers who want to start or have just started out in this field.