Top Interior Design channels to follow on YouTube

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Interior Design Youtube influencers
Interior Design Youtube influencers

With 1.9 billion logged-in viewers viewing each month, there’s no denying YouTube’s importance as a content marketing tool. The video format is useful for expressing complex procedures that require lengthy explanations. So it’s a good way for interior design youtube influencers to share their ideas.

Homeowners may get decorating ideas from a variety of sources, but YouTube is unquestionably one of the most accessible platforms. There are several interior design YouTube channels. YouTube has a wealth of information and strategies to help you transform your space into something spectacular. So, here are our top picks for Interior Design Youtube influencers that one must follow.

Interior Design Youtube influencers

House & Home

House & Home is a Canadian interior design brand and magazine. The designer’s Canadian influence on all of the designs is extremely amazing. Home tours are tempting to see since each one is unique to the individual. The official YouTube channel of is a fantastic resource for DIY projects, which should come as no surprise.

The films cover a wide range of themes, from decorating Christmas trees to renovating a space. More than 809k people have subscribed to their channel as a result of the excellent content. They also have a significant Instagram following, having over 400k followers on their personal account.


As The Sorry Girls, Kelsey and Becky are practically bursting out of the screen. They share their DIY inspirations that are extremely easy to comprehend, and they have a unique 2.6 million users. Two of the most important series are attempting to reproduce luxury things on a shoestring budget by using sales from the dollar shop on their website to make stuff.

They achieved great fame by sticking to a strict publishing schedule of Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Viewers may find everything from space renovations to thrifting and everything in between on the channel. They also have a massive Instagram fan base, having over 200k followers from all around the world.

Kinwoven – Robeson Design

Rebecca Robeson has been the most-watched interior decorator on YouTube for the past eight years. Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Designs has created a bespoke strategy for everyone. She takes delight in customizing each home to her client’s own interests, likes, and budgets.

On her YouTube page, she shows off her architectural design work for clients as well as her personal home. She is very exceptional and possesses a wonderful gift that she freely shares with her admirers. She has over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 100 thousand followers on Instagram.

Mr. Kate

Mr. Kate is the brainchild of Kate Albrecht, an artist and metalsmith, and Joey Zehr, her partner. Please see their site for the top interior design channels on YouTube, as well as how-to lessons and makeovers of extremely well-designed rooms for YouTubers. Furthermore, their “under $300 space makeover” films are the ideal inspiration for redecorating on a budget.

She is a DIY queen and creates rooms for serial killers. Since she decorates homes for other renowned YouTubers, one of the fan favorites to experience is her “OMG We Are Coming Over” sequence on her website, which has its own unique concept. Also, you will get hooked.

Kate also wants to convey her life experiences via furniture decorating. Then, her accessible demeanor has earned her over 4.4 million subscribers and over 900,000 Instagram followers.


Never Too Small is an excellent example of a YouTube video that may change your perspective on small flats and also teach you how to use the space available in each square meter.

Small urban dwellings may be transformed into destinations that attract big cities, as evidenced by specific people’s experiences. These top interior design youtube channels, gathered from all around the world, show the entire process of how the result was achieved as well as the trip’s living experiences. They have over 1.50 million YouTube subscribers and 49 thousand Instagram followers.

Living Big In A Tiny House

Living Large In A Tiny Home, another YouTube channel with stories about small dwellings, was built with every available room dedicated. And, also similar to the never-too-small channel showing small homes, this youtube channel displays small, even so, tiny residences. This YouTube channel has over 3.80 million subscribers and 440 thousand Instagram followers. Also, it helps people build tiny dwellings.

A tiny residence usually entails simplifying your life. Before adhering to the lifestyle, you’ll hear stories about individuals who live in such locations. Also all the benefits and drawbacks you might want to consider.

Jami Ray Vintage

Jami Ray Vintage is the place to go if you’re into reusing and recycling. On this platform, there are a variety of ideas for bringing antique and found objects to life and also giving them a new lease on life. Over 160K followers watch his channel every day to figure out how to transform their trash into gold. He also has over 30k Instagram followers as a result of the amazing DIY tips he shares.

Jami and her husband take antiques and other items that need a little help and turn them into lovely home décor treasures. They use a method of “upcycling” that is both practical and consistent. Jami and Zeb like exchanging long-acquired knowledge. The majority of the styles are farmhouses with a French country flair. They usually always post five videos each week and also live stream twice per week.

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