Fed up of messy wires? This top-rated extension cord will organise your WFH set-up

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Declutter your WFH set-up with an extension lead that can hold up to eight plugs and has an additional four USB ports.  (Getty Images)
Declutter your WFH set-up with an extension lead that can hold up to eight plugs and has an additional four USB ports. (Getty Images)

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With many people working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, you may have found your desk, floors and, quite frankly, most rooms in your house or flat, have been overtaken by wires.

Computer cords, laptop chargers, phone chargers, TV wires - you name it, there's wires coming out of everywhere and we don't have enough wall sockets to have everything connected at once.

A floor filled with wires is not only unsightly and dangerous, but it can also be confusing when you've got 1% battery life left on your laptop and have a matter of seconds to guess which is the correct plug you need to put in the socket.

But we have found a solution - Power Strip 2020, SMALLRT Extension Cord with Safety Socket.

Why we rate it

The SMALLRT Extension Cord with Safety Socket is space saving, compact and practical.

This extension cord has eight sockets, as well as four USB ports, so you can charge a number of devices all in one go.

Although the sockets are for UK plugs, the USB outputs are for worldwide usage.

This appliance can support various voltages from 110V to 250V, but it also has a surge protector to ensure no damage is caused when charging a lot of tech gadgets. Plus the extension cord has an LED indicator to alert you when the power is on.

The bulk charger has two buttons on the top to switch the sockets and USB ports on and off; one switch controls the top half of the extension cord, while the other controls the bottom half.

Unlike other extension cords that are horizontal, this design is vertical and measures 17.5cm in height.

It is lightweight, only weighing 900g, so it is easy to move around the home if need be.

The best part is you don't have to break the bank to purchase this for home, or work, as it costs £29.99 on Amazon.

What the reviews say

With over 2,300 rave reviews on Amazon, 93% of which have been rated four and five star, we found out what other shoppers had to say.

  • "Ideal for home and office alike, this tower is exactly what we needed at home. I like them so much I’ve purchased two. One for upstairs and one for downstairs."

  • "Really pleased with this one. Overkill for what we need with the eight sockets (only really needed two, but go big or go home right). The USB charging points work really well and there is no slow down in charging when multiple items are plugged in."

  • "From a messy 'charging area' to a well organised safe charging place."

  • "Every cable flows in a different direction as this is a tower so there's less mess than with a standard long length adapter. Also eight is huge, plenty for behind my TV even with the security camera and backdoor spotlight plugged in too."

  • "This power strip has got plenty of outputs on it as well as USB ports. It has a long five meter plug lead which is very convenient. It looks very sleek and has helped me tidy up the appearance in my living room area where I have tons of devices and cables. This tower extension saves a lot of space, keeps the area more organised. I do like the fact that it has built in safety protection which gives me peace of mind."

Buy it: Power Strip 2020 SMALLRT Extension Cord with Safety Socket | £29.99 from Amazon

Power Strip 2020, SMALLRT Extension Cord with Safety Socket
Power Strip 2020, SMALLRT Extension Cord with Safety Socket

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