Top Rated Mindset Coach, Patricia Renovato, Reveals the Secret to Finding One’s True Passion

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Patricia is a mindset coach and the Founder of True Passion Life Coaching. Her program reconnects people with their purpose. Her experience has taught her that aligning clients to their purpose provides the clarity they need to get energized and map out actions to realize their dreams. Patricia’s innate ability to see people’s potential beyond their own limitations inspires clients to work through the inner blocks that have been preventing them from living a passionate life. Everybody should expect to go through a transformation when working with Patricia. She helps clients expel the idea that their opportunities are limited. The foundation of her work is centered on the concept of the power of choice. Patricia explains, “We have full control of our experience and how we choose to participate in our life. This awareness is extremely empowering.”

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Patricia has started writing her first book called “The Power of Choice.” Her goal is to enhance millions of lives by reminding people that their only limitations are the ones they set for themselves. Aside from that, she aims to raise consciousness, one mindset at a time.

To learn more about Patricia and how she helps many people find their purpose, visit her website on, and read her weekly blogs and articles published by Brainz magazine. In her writing, she demystifies big concepts like awareness, consciousness, mindfulness, and the growth mindset; and offers practical steps to incorporate them into people’s lives.

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