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Youtube Gaming Channel Market Snapshot:

The top ten gaming channels on Youtube have more than 250 million combined subscribers and garner millions of combined monthly views. That statistic isn’t entirely surprising, given that nearly two-thirds of the US population (and more than one-quarter of the world population) over the age of 13 plays video games, making gaming channels a very definite space where there is something for everyone. Moreover, gaming knows no age-limits, with a near-equal distribution on young, middle-aged, and older players around the globe. That means that the best Youtube gaming channels have something for everyone in ways that regular entertainment and video- streaming channels don’t. These gaming usage stats go a long way towards explaining why so many people subscribe to and follow high-quality gaming channels. And they’re further supported by the fact that esports (and streaming of esports activities) is one of the fastest-growing markets for gamers, with 5% of players participating, 40% regularly watching (with one-quarter tuning in
for more than four hours per week).

Why Gamers Subscribe To Gaming Channels On Youtube:

Their near-universal appeal only partially explains why Youtube gaming channels are so
popular. The thing is, gamers know that gaming channels on Youtube are more than just entertaining (though nearly three-quarters of gamers love watching others play, and 48% of gamers spend more time watching others play on Youtube than they do playing games themselves). They’re a place where gamers can be a part of a community.

Even in this age of online and multiplayer gaming, where about one-quarter of both console and PC gamers spend the majority of their time in multiplayer online spaces, more than half of gamers prefer to use Youtube as their primary method for connecting with other players. Plus, 74% of gamers say that following Youtube gaming channels and viewing gaming content on Youtube makes them better (more skillful, more successful) gamers. And winning games is the most fun you can have with them. Players’ enjoyment skyrockets when they complete in-game tasks, and (as an added bonus) leveling up in complex or technically tricky games help players level up their real-life confidence and self-esteem!

What Makes Undertaker183’s Youtube Channel One Of The Best Gaming Channels On Youtube? (Gamer Tag: undertaker183)

With more and more gaming channels on Youtube every day to choose from, how do gamers (and viewers) choose which channels to spend their time watching? After all, the best Youtube gaming channels are a great source of community, connectivity, entertainment, and self- improvement, yet not all channels are created equal. The most straightforward answer would be “subscribe to the most popular channels.” But
that makes it a genuine possibility that viewers will miss out on community spaces and content that would be a better fit for them, just because it’s not hosted on one of the top ten channels. That said, a common complaint is that the low barriers to entry in Youtube’s gaming space make it possible for a lot of poor-quality channels to make it to viewers’ dashboards. So what’s a gamer who wants to view funny, innovative, leading-edge content to do? Subscribe to Undertaker183’s channel!

Undertaker183’s Content Is Entertaining & Relevant Without Being Obnoxious

There’s this regular complaint among viewers that Youtube content creators “sell out” and create clickbait content to get more views. It’s a problem that has reached epic proportions in recent years. When following larger Youtube gaming channels, viewers are likely to encounter some clickbait; content that was created quickly to meet rapid-fire posting schedules, because uploading something is better than uploading nothing. Viewers who subscribe to Undertaker183’s channel won’t see that. Instead, the weekly
upload schedule affords enough time and space for each video to be well-crafted, created to
be entertaining and/or informative throughout, and able to stand on its own two feet without
needing a misleading all-caps title to get viewers’ attention. What’s more, because anyone who chooses to subscribe to Undertaker183’s channel can make a content suggestion, video uploads often follow viewer suggestions and respond quickly to relevant and up-and- coming issues in both the gaming community and pop-culture at large.

Become A Better Gamer By Watching Undertaker183’s Channel, Even If You’re Just Getting Started
In the gaming community, there is a long history of somewhat negative commentary about”newbs” and, more recently, “casuals” — people who are new to gaming or don’t play regularly, who have basic questions or are still developing more basic skills. Following a major Youtube channel, less-serious gamers may struggle to find content that is created just for them, as the majority of viewers are regular players with a significant amount of background knowledge about the games being shown. People who choose to subscribe to Undertaker183 will find the content is inclusive. That is, there are videos aimed towards
people just beginning their gaming journey (even just setting up consoles) as well as videos appealing to people who have more knowledge of and experience with specific games. Plus, because Undertaker183 takes community polls, the content adapts to the viewers’ needs, meaning that those who subscribe to Undertaker183’s channel can ask for all the content they want in one place, instead of having to seek out new information elsewhere.

See New Content Informed By Community Members’ Choice, Not Trends

Viewers who subscribe to Undertaker 183 will find a variety of helpful and entertaining content designed to solve problems and show people things they haven’t already seen, which is rare among the best Youtube gaming channels. That’s because there comes a point in every channel’s life where it shifts from being a space for building a community to one for keeping a community. When a content creator’s attitude changes so that every video they make (and every time the stream) their focus is on not losing any followers, things start to get safe. That’s why the most popular YouTube gaming channels feature a lot of repetitive
content; if it worked before and it didn’t drive people away, then it’s worth doing again. While this isn’t the worst thing that could happen, it means that the most prominent gaming channels on Youtube right now aren’t necessarily invested in making innovative or *exciting* content or giving viewers something they’ve never seen before.

Moreover, that’s why a lot of content on popular Youtube gaming channels is trendy — once one person does something, everyone starts to follow suit. While it is true that viewers speak with their page-clicks, these channels don’t always invest a lot of time in asking viewers directly what they want to see and if they wish to see more of something that’s already been done. That’s why viewers who subscribe to Undertaker183 can expect something different, as there are regular polls to the community that drives upcoming content announcements and uploads.

Bonus: Access To An Expert Content Creator (Creator Code: U183)

Hosting a high-quality gaming channel on Youtube gives a person a unique perspective on what makes the gaming experience enjoyable. From level design to character skins to task and challenge creation, the best Youtube gaming channel creators make the best gaming content creators. It’s no surprise, then, that Undertaker183 is also an expert content creator recognized by Fortnite developer Epic Games. As per Epic Games’ own statements on content creators, they support the best gaming content creators because community involvement and fan-made content are what makes their games great. The videos on Undertaker183’s Youtube channel are proof of their proficiency and perspective (if getting Epic Games’ seal of approval wasn’t enough for you), and the content they create reflects the attitude and humor their subscribers love. What’s more, with a wide variety of content (from compilations of insane Fortnite Battle Royale clips, funny music videos, instructional material for both in-game and hardware setup challenges), there’s little chance of subscribers getting bored or being unable to find what they need at the moment.
At last count, the channel had nearly 120,000 views, offering further proof that, as a content creator, Undertaker183 (creator coder U183) makes what viewers want to see.

Bonus: View & Purchase Gaming-Related Logos

As a gamer and content creator, Undertaker183’s interests and abilities extend beyond just
gaming and making videos! Interested players can also purchase customized gaming and professional esports logos for reasonable prices. For casual gamers, having a logo is a great way to build an identity in the community. It can make teams feel more at home in the online multiplayer space (and, some folks say, even gives Fortnite teams a competitive edge!). In esports, professional logos are a must-have feature for athletes, giving them an identity not just in the game but in the broader gaming community.

You can reach Undertaker183 via his personal account (jahanshah11 ) to gain insight on gaming regimes and for more interactions!

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