A pro's top tip to help female introverts at networking

Lianna Brinded
Head of Yahoo Finance UK

The world of business has been criticised for being biased towards extroverts — meaning introverted workers may find it harder to get the same opportunities or recognitions as those who are more vocal and thrive in bustling environments.

Networking is an essential part of getting ahead in work for both men and women — the bigger your network, the more open you are for new opportunities and relationships. It’s especially pertinent for women and is encouraged as a key way to help find support and advocacy from the community.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance UK on the award-winning Global Change Agents with Lianna Brinded video series, a leading careers and industry expert Sue Unerman revealed a top tip that her co-author, Kathryn Jacob, of The Glass Wall, has when it comes for introverts networking.

The book offers advice for women seeking success at work. In the book, she and Jacob gathered interviews and case studies with over 100 men and women to determine “easy-to apply strategies for success.”

Unerman, who is also the chief transformation officer at the UK’s largest media agency, Mediacom revealed the tip, when going to an event and said “it would only be a churlish person who wouldn’t go ‘yes, let’s get to know each other then’.”

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