TopOnlineShopSupport Provides the Most Important Benefits of Cloud-Hosting Services.


Cloud-based services have become mainstream nowadays but what does it mean and how is it different and better than traditional internet services? To understand it better, analogies are in order.

Take for example file saving. It’s a mundane task and people understand the concept of it: a file – whether it’s a document, picture or even a program – the act of saving it typically means it’s stored in your computer’s hard drive.

But when we talk about cloud-based storage, think Google Drive or Dropbox. The file is saved but not on your computer. The file is saved in the “cloud” which is any number of servers that a cloud-service utilizes. The user never knows where the file exactly goes but he can always view, retrieve, use and manipulate the file as long as his computer and the “cloud” are part of a network, which is in most cases the internet.

The analogy can extend to understanding hosting services. When it comes to old-fashioned web-hosting, your website is saved and run from a specific server. This means that the performance of the website is limited to the constraints of the server. But with cloud-hosting services, a virtual server is created using configurations that either pools or shares the resources of servers in the network.

This is how TopOnlineShopSupport provides its hosting services. TopOnlineShopSupport, a leading provider of world-class web services, is at the forefront of cloud-based hosting. TopOnlineShopSupport hosting services offer many benefits.

First is the cost-effectiveness of cloud-based service. In classic web-hosting methods, clients pay for a fixed amount of allocated server resources regardless of whether the resources are utilized or not. But TopOnlineShopSupport ‘s cloud-based hosting services provide flexible resource management. Server resources are only allocated when needed thereby lowering hosting costs for the client.

Second, TopOnlineShopSupport’s cloud-hosting service has a flexible resource allocation nature that lends itself very well to scaling. Clients who administer their sites can monitor how much resources they need based on a provided site monitoring application. If the need arises, they can change their server resource allocation with minimal assistance from TopOnlineShopSupport’s server administrators.

The third is system redundancy. With old hosting methods, any issue with the hosting server will directly impact the hosted site. Not with TopOnlineShopSupport’s cloud-hosting services. Needed resources can be taken seamlessly from other servers and since websites are less dependent on a single physical server, TopOnlineShopSupport’s cloud-hosting services reduce the impact of server outages and extremely reliable uptime is maintained.

Finally, TopOnlineShopSupport’s cloud-hosting services allow for faster and better performing websites. With single server hosting, peak demands like spikes in incoming traffic can put a strain on the hosting server. When resources are maxed-out, the hosting server will have moments that it will be unable to accommodate additional requests promptly. Visitors see this as site buffering or unresponsiveness when navigating the website, sometimes the web pages not displaying at all. But with flexible resource allocation, TopOnlineShopSupport’s cloud-hosting services allow for easier load balancing between different servers. The site remains available and responsive all the time regardless of site traffic.

These are just some of the major benefits to TopOnlineShopSupport’s cloud-hosting services. There are other benefits such as security advantages: TopOnlineShopSupport’s cloud-hosting services offer better service isolation in case a server becomes physically compromised. There’s also a reduction in the overall impact on the environment because collectively, resource use is optimal in a cloud setup which means fewer machines are needed to support the same amount of services.


As such, TopOnlineShopSupport is an easy choice when it comes to getting web-hosting services. To know more about cloud-hosting and other services of TopOnlineShopSupport, visit their website at For inquiries, email them at


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