Tory MP apologises as video of him exposing himself to woman in pub emerges

Rory Sullivan
James Grundy MP exposing himself to a woman in a pub in 2007, as recorded on video: LBC

A newly-appointed Conservative MP has apologised after a video emerged which shows him exposing himself to a woman in a pub.

James Grundy, the MP for Leigh since December, is facing calls to resign following the release of the video.

The footage captures Mr Grundy lowering his trousers and lifting his shirt to expose his genitals, as requested by a woman heard in the video.

The incident happened at the Rams Head Inn, Lowton, in 2007, shortly before Mr Grundy became a Tory councillor for Lowton, a job he held for 11 years.

Mr Grundy told The Independent: “I apologise for my actions and for any offence caused.”

It is understood that all people present were over 18.

Mr Grundy seemed aware of the potential for controversy, as he can be heard in the video saying there is “no way” his face could be shown.

According to LBC, after this and other videos were recorded, a member of the public forwarded them to the headquarters of the Conservative Party.

They allegedly received no response, and Mr Grundy went on to serve as a Tory councillor before becoming an MP last year.

Conservative sources said the party was not aware of the complaint.

Mr Grundy’s seat had been held by Labour since 1922 prior to his election.

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