Traditional Caters to All Levels of Cannabis Users: From Beginners to Connoisseurs

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Thanks to legalization and a change in people’s attitudes, cannabis no longer carries the stigma it once did. It is now used in a variety of settings, from recreational to medicinal. Due to its growing popularity cannabis users now come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Cannabis company Traditional believes in catering for all levels of cannabis users, from beginners to the connoisseurs, and the people behind the brand have an almost religious zeal when it comes to preaching the benefits of what they regard as the ‘wonder weed.’

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“Cannabis’s diversity of use and broad client-range is something that Traditional was founded to cater for,” explained a company spokesperson. “We believe everyone perceives and experiences cannabis differently. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all and regimented approach to what we sell. For example, a connoisseur of cannabis will be looking for something a lot different from someone new to the drug, and that’s why we love to sit down with our clients and talk them through the range of options and benefits that Traditional offers.”

Since it was founded over a decade ago, Traditional’s mission statement has always been to grow high-quality cannabis and be a part of the community they serve. Based in California they are more than just a company that grows and cultivates cannabis, they are a lifestyle brand. They are renowned for their charity trucks which can be seen driving around Los Angeles providing free food for the homeless and their non-profit podcast is a firm favorite with their loyal customer base.

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The spokesperson for Traditional added, “Our clients are as much part of the business as our product and each informs the other. If we know anything at Traditional we know about cannabis and that our customers expect our cannabis to be high-quality and tailored to their individual needs.”

The spokesperson added, “For example, a newcomer to cannabis may have a bad experience if they use a particularly potent strain. This has the potential to turn them off cannabis for life and paint it in a very negative light. That’s why we always ensure we ask clients how much experience they’ve had of cannabis, and if the answer is none, we offer them a very light and easygoing strain to welcome them to our world. Likewise, if they’re a cannabis veteran they’re probably looking for something a lot more potent and exotic. CBD-dominant strains are great for new customers. They provide deep relaxation and offer a sense of clarity and peace. For long-term users, we have the more THC-dominant strains, which although might overwhelm new users, prove just the tonic for cannabis connoisseurs.”