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Tragic life of Raj Kiran

Raj Kiran became mainstream and immensely popular after starring in Subash Ghai's 1980 movie based on revenge and reincarnation, Karz. He looked handsome as Ravi Verma and gave the brief role assigned to him, his best. Though Rishi Kapoor as Monty, was the solo hero, admirers of Karz don't deny Raj Kiran his share of acknowledgement.

Tragic Life: Raj Kiran is missing for 17 years now

It is impossible to judge a celebrity’s life from what he chooses to broadcast to the world at large.

Beneath the perky personalities and sunny smiles, they maybe hurting, and you may never know.

Today we explore the tragic life of Raj Kiran, who, has been missing for over 17 years now.

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