Trap Barn Creating a Community Around Investments, E-commerce, and Attaining Financial Freedom

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The internet is currently one of the best places to create communities around a theme, hobby, or common interest. But as promising as digital platforms are in making these closed-knit virtual groups, it’s far from easy. Despite the challenge, Trap Barn LLC has put in the necessary work to create a community of its own, bringing people from all walks of life to talk about investments, business, and working toward financial freedom.

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Started by entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer Austin Culp, Trap Barn is a brand that focuses on spreading positive vibes and inspiration to people everywhere and showing them how to reach financial freedom with proven investment tactics and practical life advice. Austin first came up with the idea of Trap Barn after deciding to move away from the traditional “go to college and get a job” route and choose instead to become an entrepreneur.

One of Trap Barn’s primary channels is its Discord server, where over 2,000 people regularly come together to talk about sports, business, and stock investing. Through the platform, followers can view live stock trades and sports bets, learning how to leverage income-earning opportunities for free with no strings attached. But for those who want to take their investing and betting game more seriously, Trap Barn provides an MVP exclusive group for an elite group of serious bettors and investors.

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The Trap Barn’s investing and betting Discord server has been on a seven-game parlay win streak in recent times. Since the start of the years, members of the VIP club have earned over $200,000 passively through stock trades and sports bets. The group’s goal for the year is to reach $1 million in income or higher if it continues to grow exponentially as it has in the last few months. Another of the MVP group’s benefits includes a regular one-on-one coaching call with Austin Culp.

Another extension of the brand is its e-commerce store that features hoodies, T-shirts, and ski masks. The online store opened back in 2019, in which the company would earn a modest $12,000 off merchandise sales. But the following year, Trap Barn would go all into its e-commerce game and up that number to $134,000 by the close of 2020.

All across various social media channels, the lifestyle, investment, and business coaching brand has over 150,000 followers in total. Recently, Trap Barn has been heavy on TikTok, where Austin is currently at over 1,000,000 views and 8,525 followers. He believes that TikTok is one of the best ways to grow a business today, given how fast its rise has been post-COVID-19.

As Trap Barn LLC’s following continues to grow, so does the company’s affinity toward acts of generosity. The company has been known for its random giveaways. On Snapchat, Trap Barn gave away over $25,000 in cash prizes in 2020 alone. Austin is also currently planning on a $500 giveaway when his TikTok account hits 10,000 followers.

Trap Barn LLC hopes to start a new wave of financial literacy amongst younger audiences through more modern means. Using Discord streams, TikTok videos, and other uncanny forms of content, it hopes to build an army of wealthy Millennials and Gen Zers and make entrepreneurship and investment cool.