Travel advisory in effect for Canadians visiting Brazil

An aerial view of a deforested plot of the Amazon in Boca do Acre, Amazonas state, Brazil August 24, 2019. REUTERS/Bruno Kelly

The Canadian government has issued a travel advisory for Brazil following severe wildfires hit the Amazon rainforest.

It’s recommended that visitors exercise “exercise a high degree of caution” in Brazil, monitor local news outlets and weather forecasters, and follow the instructions from authorities on the area.

The government’s update also states that Canadians who plan to go to the country should connect with the airline or tour operator about any possibly disruptions to travel plans.

On Monday, during the G7 summit in France, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada will commit $15 million to fight the fire in the Amazon rainforest. The Canadian government also promised to send water bombs to the area. This is separate from the US$20 that G7 leaders agreed to provide for emergency aid.

But the next day, Brazil’s government rejected the G7’s aid, saying they would only accept the funds if French President Emmanuel Macron retracts comments calling president Jair Bolsonaro a liar.

“We refuse because we see interference. [It’s] help we didn’t ask for," Brazil Ambassador's to France Luís Fernando Serra said on French TV, according to Politico. "The G7 help was decided without Brazil.”

There are more than 41,000 recorded fires in the Amazon region this year. Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research says there’s an 84 per cent increase in the number of fires compared to the previous year.

Back in June, Brazil’s government ended visa requirements for Canadians travelling to the country for tourist and business purposes, in an effort to increase tourism to the country.

The Canadians also recommends that tourists be cautious of the high amount of crime and regular violent incident in urban centres.