Travel bloggers Joel Kaplan & Robert Oliver touched with Indian culture!

Joel Kaplan and Robert Oliver are the two closest friends and this bond is blooming because of sharing the same interest of travelling and blogging.

The two belong to different fields and have garnered enough success there but what unites them is their love for travelling and writing blogs on the places they have visited.

Their interest has guided them to India where they have found a lot of things to write about and explore the rich heritage of the country. Their stay in India has been really phenomenal over the months and they are extensively exploring different parts of it.

Kaplan, who has a business of helping the agencies scale their business, is in love with India and its people. "India is one of the greatest countries I have ever been to. The people here create the difference as they greet you so naturally that you have a sense of belonging to this country. I am really in awe of this country and its people and want to spend the rest of my life here," he said.

"I am so thankful to my craft that it brought me to this beautiful country which has given me a lot of love and respect. I always wanted to see such a country which can redefine the meaning of love and respect in our minds," he added.

This has been an unbelievable journey for Oliver as well who landed here right after Kaplan. He said, "I came here just to travel with my closest friend Kaplan and the hospitality I witnessed here, it simply stole my heart away. I am simply mesmerised by the amount of love I have received here and I just want to explore every corner of this country and then leave with a heart filled with love and respect."

They both are very amazed with our traditions and hospitality and are willing to prolong their stay here. They are travelling to every corner of the country and are currently in Mumbai where they have already gone through the film city and now are enjoying the beat of its sea facing areas.

India undoubtedly is a country which makes everyone fall in love with it thanks to its people.