How to work and travel the world: 10 helpful tools that can get you started!

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

Tired of your day to day life? Same job, the same boss that too who forces you to work more and pays you with less salary just for the sake!
Then let me suggest to you a thing. How about you travel the world and work? You only get paid for what you do. They might name you a ‘remote worker’, but you are provided with total freedom. Roam around the world and work. Sounds crazy right?

But is it a pretty tough competition to sustain in this field of work! You need to make sure that you acquire more and more clients. But don’t worry amigos! We are here to help you out by suggesting you 10 most online tools and sites that can help you sustain in this run.
The 10 super-efficient tools for remote workers are as follows.

Want to work as a freelancer? Or want to be more eligible for your job interview? Then try out udemy. A global learning site that floods you with knowledge. 55 thousand courses that to the professional instructors help you understand all the concepts.

Now that you are traveling around the world, you might experiences some difficulties striking a conversation with someone, cause, of course, you might have no idea about the language spoken there! But don’t worry Duolingo app will help you learn those languages in a few months. Download now!

Time management and planning is essential for the life of a remote worker. You need to have everything on time. Without wasting any minute! So let Trello help you in managing things. Trello is a software that helps you manage projects and work! It is the best planning tool.

Rescue time, helps you eliminate distractions and helps you focus on your work! It tracks down your progress by monitoring it carefully. And even helps you improve yourself.

On the job, the app helps you that assists you and your finances. Helping you out truly. It even takes Care of your time and invoicing and makes your life a lot simpler.

Invoice ninja helps in managing all your invoices, payment alerts, due-dates, and other valuable pieces of stuff. That too fast!

~ 24 SLIDES.
This tool helps you create presentations with numerous designs, tools, and elements. And to make it more interesting! Many of the expertise and marketers use it.

Want ideas and new concepts for your presentation? How about you take help from a bunch of professionals! Yes, you hear that right superior papers help you out in making a great presentation for your meeting.

Coda helps you develop web applications. And helps you handle your files! Now that you are a remote worker you should try this one out.

Have a mac? How about try expresso that allows you to develop websites! Of course, it is a web editor. So get on your creativity and start!