Travelling the globe, London to LA, an insight into the travels of Billionaire Shaun Bonett


Travelling the globe, London to LA, an insight into the travels of Billionaire Shaun Bonett

A billionaire’s reach includes every corner of the globe. Whether it’s new opportunities, deals, or inspiring the next generation of leaders and helping build a better world, the most successful entrepreneurs and moguls are continually crisscrossing the globe. Valuable relationships often open doors across borders that entrepreneurs dream about and with a worldwide network, success isn’t too far away.

Shaun Bonett, a self-made billionaire from Australia, knows precisely how to leverage valuable partnerships to expand his company’s reach around the world. The founder of Precision Group, Shaun, is regularly traveling from Hong Kong to Sydney, London to LA due to his business obligations and charitable endeavors. Previously a corporate lawyer, Shaun saw a vast opportunity in the property investment and redevelopment business and took it. “I started with a simple dream,” states Shaun. “I didn’t want to fail,” he adds.

Shaun is a global influencer partly because of his attitude on working with others. “As I gathered a team of likeminded people around me and focused on enhancing relationships, I was able to build my business deal by deal,” explains Shaun. A mindset which has served him very well, Shaun was able to convince the world leading financier, Bank of China in 2011 to work with him in just six short months, and helped facilitate a better working relationship in the finance sector for foreign banks wishing to do business in Australia.

In November 2015 Shaun was invited as an international speaker to address the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (“CHOGM”), the 24th meeting of the heads of government of the Commonwealth of Nations on the topic of “Infrastructure needed for our future cities”.

Based in Sydney, Precision Group, has expanded into New Zealand, and through other businesses it holds significant stakes in, Shaun does business in all the continents of the world, and holds annual conferences worldwide. Considering the company’s immense success with retail properties, Shaun is often spotted in LA hot spots such as Rodeo Drive and Chateau Marmont. A firm believer in giving back, his position as a director with the Prince’s Trust which helps facilitate charitable endeavors for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, often takes him to London to carry out his official duties. Shaun also enjoys traveling for fun when his schedule allows and usually explores historical sites, including the Vatican, museums, and going on safari.

A globe trotter himself, Shaun has a unique understanding of how to improve visitor experiences. He is a stakeholder in Skyfii, a global data analytics company which he uses in most of the businesses he operates. As Shaun states, “Skyfii helps marketing, operations, and research teams measure, predict, and influence customer behavior across the physical and the digital world.” Being the world’s first omnidata intelligence company, Skyfii analyzes over a billion data points each month from over 6500 venues spread across five continents.

With a steady rise to success over the past 25 years Shaun is one of Australia’s few self-made billionaires and one of the 200 wealthiest people in the country. Worldwide presence is typically a job requirement for any billionaire, but Shaun makes it look easy and continuously expands his personal and business footprints on the world map.

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