Tribangha : The Netflix film, which stars Kajol, Tanvi Azmi, Mithila palkar in lead roles! The highlight of the film is that it has no cardboard feminists

Tapasvi Vibhute
·1-min read

Tribhanga stars Kajol, Mithila Palkar, Tanvi Azmi, Kunal Rou Kapur and Vaibhav Tatwawaadi.
Written and directed by Renuka Shahane.

It is the story of three generations of women from single-family, Morden, unorthodox, spirited and holds together.

The beauty of the film is that it gives out a message that women are no saints! They are flawed but perfect in their own way. Although it is an original film but the cinema lovers would see a very uncanny resemblence of Ingmar Bergman’s classic ‘Autumn Sonata’.

The film talks about the confrontational relationship between Anu (played by Kajal) and her mother (Tanvi Azmi) who is a celebrated Author but couldn’t give a happy ending for her own personal life.

The film is a delight to watch, moreover the reason why the film attracted me is that there are no cardboard feminists in the film. And apart from that, the film also has Vaibhavi Tatwawadi who plays a gentle soul who is a Krishna Bhakt who always tries to calm down his hyper ventilating sister.

Then there are two more characters, Kunal Roy Kapoor who gets subjected to Kajol’s choicest Hindi and english abuses and is also her mothers biographer. He is one stereotypical gentle element like that film has in which women are shown subjected to the patriarchal abuse. And there is Manav Gohil who is shown as Anu’s very loving husband who makes coffee for her (like every other stereotypical loving and caring husband does for his wife)

Henceforth, the film is a delight to people from all walks of life! The women in Tribhanga are raw, real and have the ability to keep the audiences hooked to the screens.