The Trillionaire Life’s founders Hunny Bunny are making big moves in Real estate

Hunny and Bunny are 18 years old twins and are young Real Estate brokers. They are quite popular on Instagram as @HunnyBunnyHB having thousands of followers, they are also the founders of popular Instagram page @TheTrillionaireLife which currently has more than 1 million followers.

Social media is indeed a powerful tool in today's world and it can make anyone a star overnight. As they say "Passion changes everything". Fashionista and wanderer by heart made Hunny and Bunny switch lanes from their profession to following their hobby and passion in the Real estate Industry. The young duo has collaborated with many international real estate companies, they have good number of followers on Instagram too.

At such a young age they have already done a lot of big real estate deals in India and are now ready to make big things happen in Miami and New york.

They believe foundation of not only real estate but any successful business is truth. If you’re true to your customer/client you build a long term relationship with them. Talking about real estate particularly you don’t have to act like a salesperson, you need to have superior communication skills, and of course the property/product that you are trying to sell needs to be tempting.

Hunny Bunny believe that these three things can make your real estate game big-

Knowledge: You need to know what you’re doing.

Initially, get yourself a broker’s license and then begin networking with other real estate agents(brokers) which will help you study the market and properties.

Leverage: Leverage can be a bit tricky; It can be your best friend or your worst enemy all depending on your experience.

Find some investors to partner up with them. You can offer them your commission for the deal and manage the split on the profits later on the flip.

If you want to rent your home make sure you buy it at a stable price. This is effortless to do with the landlords who are motivated to lease their vacant properties.

Explore for those sellers who are willing to carry the loan for you at moderate down payment or lets you continue their existing loan.

Timing: Believe it or not timing is the most significant part in real estate by this we mean you must know when to buy and when to sell.