A trip to fantasy world

Book: The Dark Lord

Author: Nihar Sharma

Publication: Bigfoot Publications

Pages: 147; Price: Rs 249

The book ‘The Dark Lord’ is an attempt by  Nihar Sharma to unite the existing modern world and the mythological empire of heaven and hell. Aaditya and Vikram, two best friends are thrown into a peculiar situation in the alternate dimension of the world having layers of interweaved stories. The plot is aesthetically carried forward in  parallel stories.The Dark Lord of Netherworld is into deep slumber, while at the gate stands the Prince of gods.

The door to the Netherland has to be opened and the Prince leaves no stone unturned in doing so. What happens next is an enthralling read and a visual treat in the form of prose, as the author succeeds in creating a believable fantasy world.The transition from the fantasy to the earthly world is smooth. At one moment the reader is in a college with the protagonist and in the next  he is taken on a mystical tour at the  gates of heaven. However, such  shifts don’t baffle the readers ; instead, they arouses curiosity.

Vikram and his love interest Sheetal are separated due to an unfortunate incident. The two friends determine to avenge the injustice. The twist comes when the two best friends meet fateful death and  travel  between Earth and the fantasy world as souls.

In the absence of their mortal bodies, things become difficult for them, until they realise their hidden powers. One of them is a prodigy soul, who has the magical power to unlock the vault. The struggle for the most powerful weapon between the gods and evil forces has symbolic overtones.

The book has a mythological appeal due to the presence of characters like Yamraj, Chitragupta, Apsaras, etc. However, the imaginary characters in the Netherworld, like Demosus and Torriyan are very well sketched and have depth. The imagination of the author leaves the reader spellbound when a Banyan tree proves his loyalty towards his Dark Lord.

Each character has a back story, described with artistic precision. The various threads of stories in different chapters have woven well and keep the reader hooked. It is a delightful work of fecund imagination. Truly worth reading.