Trolls’ fave target Mira Rajput can’t catch a break

Mira Rajput Kapoor

When she said ‘yes’ to the chocolate boy, little did the 21-year-old know that it was a slippery slope she was about to set her foot on. In the past four years, she has not only turned into one of the most chased star-wives, and mother of two heart-snatching munchkins, but also a fond target of faceless trolls toiling around the interwebs.

While some reasons behind Mrs. Kapoor getting an earful are completely justified, others are too much of a stretch and basically tools for idle minds to entertain themselves by spreading unwarranted hate.

“Misha is not a puppy”

She pretty much handed it out to people by making that now-infamous, inconsiderate comment which offended working moms juggling motherhood, home and work and doing a fantastic job at that. Mothers were infuriated by Mira Rajput’s statement that her child was not a puppy whom she would leave to someone else and step out to work. Many read her words as a jibe taken as fellow new-mommy Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was also Shahid’s ex for the longest time. We assume, the young girl, new to public domain, had not evaluated the pros and cons attached to stardom.

Trolls who had now tasted the fun in trolling the star wife, sat wringing their hands, awaiting new excuses to attack her

Painting classes with Misha

Shutterbucks caught and clicked Mira on her way back from a painting session she had partaken in with her toddler daughter. She had red water color all over her thighs which acted as a clue for the trolls to get on their job. Some haters commented that she was menstruating, and others slammed her for being unhygienic.

Toddler Misha’s colored hair?

Mira is clearly one of those celebs who has been mommy-shammed to death for reasons that couldn’t get punier and unfounded. She stood at the receiving end of massive trolling merely for letting her baby girl be a little creative and play with color. The two-year-old featured on her mother’s Instagram feed sporting some paint on her curls and all hell broke loose, because the exceedingly concerned Instagrammers happened to care for Misha more than her own mother. Sweet! Mira was compelled to clarify that it was temporary color and would be washed off anyway.

Misha Kapoor

Mira Rajput trolled for commercial

So, she decides on signing up for a TV commercial, completely unaware that she would be getting a tad bit more than what she had bargained for. The TV commercial of an age-defensing cream featuring Mira did succeed in grabbing eye balls but for all the wrong reasons. She captioned the commercial on her Instagram account as “Being a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself, right?” and the haters swarmed in in hundreds and had some very interesting (or not) comments to make.

Comments on Mira's account

Stealing Taimur’s Nanny?

Soon after the release of the Olay commercial, the couple welcomed their second bundle of joy, Zain Kapoor. Clearly, she could use an extra pair of hands and hired a nanny to assist her in an otherwise extensively demanding full-time job – motherhood. Netizens bolted to slam Shahid’s better-half, tracing back the ‘puppy’ remark from two years’ ago. Some haters charged at her stating she was stealing Taimur’s nanny while many others accused her of emulating a Kareena.

Recently, she was slammed for wearing a skirt ‘a tad bit too small’ while out and about with Misha, and then she was dragged through the mud for carrying a bucket bag to a date night with her star hubby. While the moral police in InstaUniverse called her classless, we were left doubtful of these pitiable beings of mere virtual presence who have dedicated an entire life towards hating people who have not a hint of the microscopic existence of such irrelevant beings.

There’s no joy in the world like the one in minding one’s own business; if only these trolls could figure a way out of getting their noses out of other people’s lives, would they know discover it.