Having trouble finding a life partner? Take the help of AI to find your ‘Betterhalf’

Examples of profiles on Betterhalf.ai

In this digital times of ours, it is easy to get on numerous dating sites and apps in search of a partner with whom you can spend the rest of your life with. But it is equally difficult to find the ‘right’ companion online who is not superficial, who is not just looking for just a hook-up and who is, honestly, not a creep.

This brings us to two IT guys who dealt with the same problems but decided to do something about it. MIT-alumnus Pawan Gupta and Rahul Namdev put heads together and figured a way to use artificial intelligence to search and find your most ‘compatible partner’. Betterhalf.ai is India’s first of its kind “true compatibility” partner search site that has been designed for modern independent professionals who are looking for a life partner with the intent of marriage.

Example of a profile on Betterhalf.ai

Betterhalf.ai uses machine learning/artificial intelligence for professionals to find each other through true compatibility scores based on relationship dimensions and their interactions on the site. As the users offer feedback through private ratings, their matches become more compatible overtime. Betterhalf’s AI engine starts learning about a user’s personality as soon as the user starts the on-boarding process. It uses AI in five different stages; during registration of users, during a pre-conversation stage, during product gamification, during post chat stage and the final step is to remove/rectify any outlier data by using a machine learning algorithm.

The founders – Pawan Gupta and Rahul Namdev

While studying and working in San Francisco, both Pawan and Rahul were searching for partners on different matrimonial and dating sites. This is where they starting thinking about the whole process of match-making online is so tedious, frustrating, uncertain and stressful many a times. “Nobody talks about how tiring and difficult the whole process is”, says Pawan. “So as engineers we thought way not solve this issue. Our mission is to build world’s largest partner prediction engine.”

But it wasn’t an easy path. “We were almost shut down twice due to funding issues”, explains Pawan. “Our first approach of collecting married couple data via marriage agencies failed due to data reliability and operational issues and had not much progress to share to investors. The second time when we pivoted and got our product live, we couldn’t find a good fit with the investors as the interested ones wanted to sell the company early and couldn’t relate to our long term vision. With runway almost drying up, the entire team took this as a challenge and ended up reaching out to over 8000 investors located in the U.S.” Since then, BetterHalf.ai has successfully raised $300k and is backed by many MIT/HBS/Berkeley alumni and TiE Angel Network.

Info-graph from Betterhalf.ai

Anyone can register on Betterhalf.ai for free and see their compatible matches. To interact with anyone, one of the users has to get full subscription of product. Unlike traditional matrimonial/dating sites, Betterhalf.ai provides a combination of stress-free experience, targeted subset of matches, quick turn-around time to find compatible partners. Betterhalf.ai aspires to transform partner search journey through an AI based partner prediction engine.