True Beauty Ep 8: Fans Got Hurt For Seojun And Say Drama Is Not shown As Per Webtoon.!

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In the 8th episode of True beauty, during the talent show, everyone wants Seo-Joon to sing. He decides to sing a song and sounds great. Ju-Kyung happily smiles and watches. Soo-ho looks at her.

But then Soo-jin comes up and sits next to Soo-ho. This makes the mood go south so Ju-Kyung decides to leave.

On her walk back, Tae-hoon runs up to her all out of breath and gives her Soo-ho’s jacket. He tells her that Soo-ho is walking to the bridge and to give it to him there. Then he runs to find Soo-ho and tells him that Ju-Kyung will be walking on the bridge so now is his chance to confess to her!

Soo-ho takes off running. But when he gets to the bridge, Soo-jin is the person waiting for him, not Ju-kyung. It turns out that Soo-jin ran into Ju-kyung and told her that she was looking for Soo-ho. So Ju-kyung gave her Soo-ho’s jacket and said he was going to be on the bridge.

Soo-ho took off running to find Ju-Kyung as soon as Soo-jin told him what happened. He finds her crying on a rock with Seo-Joon comforting her where she confesses that she likes Soo-ho, which breaks Seo-Joon’s heart. Even though soo-jun continues comforting her. She walks away from Seo-Joon to the campsite and hides her tears behind some sheets that are hanging out to dry.

By seeing Seo-Jun hurt fans felt sad for Seojun, they confess their sadness through tweeting and saying that drama isn’t going the same as webtoon!!