How Trust’N Keeps Balance Between Being a Musician and a Manager


Getting the chance at being an agent for a talented musician is a job that many people covet, but will never get the opportunity to have. Some of the time it’s pure hustle and grit, but most of the time it’s luck. Many musicians meet their managers when they are young and for the most part undiscovered. Others just decide to help a friend and get a great stroke of luck, learning the game as they go. Despite their differences, the jobs of being a musician and the job of being a manager are both vital to a musician’s success. Both occupations while being vastly different, are equally demanding. It is unheard of to be a musician and a manager. For the most part, only people like Kanye West, or Jay-Z have ever dared to put their career on hold for a second to help out other musicians. As the trend for independence in artistry has runs its course, we are starting to see more artists help each other. The DYI type of attitude often times involves picking up aspects of management and representing oneself as an independent entity. One artist who has been able to find balance between the two different aspects of the industry is hip hop artist Trust’N. 

Madison, Wisconsin based hip hop star Trust’N has been able to use his ever-growing platform to help other artists flourish beside him on his climb to the top. The first sign of this type of managerial behavior from Trust’N was shown when he released his charting EP titled “Lapse” with fellow Madison artist BKWDS. The project did incredible numbers charting at #12 on the iTunes Charts, and Trust’N used his PR skills to get 15-year-old BKWDS and himself on many popular global sources like Lyrical Lemonade, ABC, NBC, Fox News, and so many more. 

Even though many attribute the project’s success to its quality sound, the real reason behind the explosive release was the marketing plan Trust’N single handedly drew up and completed prior to the album’s release. The plan included organized public relations strategies, Spotify placements, and marketing tactics among other strategies used to blast the EP off the ground. The result of the album’s success gave Trust’N two options: either focus solely on music as a career, or continue to pursue his new-found skills in music marketing. His decision would change his life forever. So, what did Trust’N decide? He decided to pursue both. 

While still working on music, other musicians started coming to Trust’N for help after seeing his album’s success. One in particular was CEO of Bentley Records Luca Dayz. After working together on some public relations projects, Luca offered Trust’N the position of Director of Public Relations at the record label. The job gave Trust’N his first real chance at industry applications of his skills. Falling in love with his work, Trust’N started to offer his marketing services to other artists on a freelance basis. Subsequent to helping many different artists, Trust’N decided to found a music marketing and public relations firm called Lost Boy Entertainment Company. Very fitting for the artist as his motto for the last few years has been “The Lost Boy”, often pulling inspiration from the 1953 Disney classic movie “Peter Pan”. Much of his merchandise and music reflects that persona heavily. 

The company was co-founded by three other members as well: Bryce Vander Sanden, Abe Alberts, and Aon Smith. Bryce is involved in the finances of the company while Abe and Aon, both former artists, help with the public relations, marketing, and creative side of the company. The four musketeers met through musical connections and naturally become friends. The company, in just its first few months, has already helped hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs, public figures, and businesses achieve their goals on affordable budgets. When we asked Trust’N about his company’s early success he said, “It was a great decision to pursue the business side of music. I didn’t realize I would enjoy it so much. It’s great being able to help people accomplish their dreams while also living my own. The best part is I think there could a future here for us. Pretty exciting.” 

From what it seems, Trust’N made the right choice pursuing both music and business. And despite discouragement from the industry, he’s still all in. He said, “I was talking on the phone to another blog writer for an article and they were telling me to be careful with doing too much at once. They said in order to be successful I need to focus on one thing or the other. But I don’t really believe that. Yeah, I’m busy a lot of the time but I find balance.” While studying marketing full time at a nearby college and building Lost Boy Entertainment from the ground up, the rising artist is also continually working on a new project which will be released some time in 2020. Being a full-time artist, student, record label PR, and CEO can’t be easy and would discouraged by most people in the industry. However, Trust’N somehow makes it work. 

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