Trying to get into anime? These titles are worth considering

Siddharth Tyagi

Trying to get into anime? These titles are worth considering

01 Apr 2019: Trying to get into anime? These titles are worth considering

There is a whole another universe out there, which has thousands of stories, nothing like anything we usually see.

That universe is of anime.

It is a word used to identify Japanese animated works. However, while Western animation is generally focused on children, anime has more mature themes.

Here are some of the best limited-episode anime series worth your time.

Death Note: Psychological and Cerebral: There's nothing quite like it anywhere else

If you start watching Death Note, it is very likely that you'll try to finish all 37 episodes in one go. Yes, it is that interesting!

Think about it, if you get the power to kill anyone and make the world a better place, would you? What if there are moral consequences?

Also, watch this show for a phenomenal soundtrack, thank me later!

HunterXHunter: For adventure lovers who like their characters a little...unique

A child searching for his father. Another, running away from his family. A man searching for a worthy opponent, killing everyone he can find. Another, trying to find the people who killed his entire clan.

Add to this, hundreds of such unique, layered characters and some very engaging premises, and you will have HunterXHunter.

Don't go by cartoonish posters. This show gets extremely poignant.

Fullmetal Alchemist: If you could bring back someone you loved, would you?

If you try to do something that defies the laws of nature, you pay a hefty price.

Fullmetal Alchemist is based on a simple law: the law of equivalent exchange.

With the power of Alchemy, brothers Edward and Alphonse try to make sense of their world that is full of corruption, gut-wrenching stories, and a looming evil.

This one is all about salvation.

One Punch Man: A hero who is simply too overpowered to be defeated

One Punch Man has the best animation you'll ever see.

It is super fun to watch and revolves around Saitama, a guy who is a superhero for fun!

It has a very interesting premise, some spectacular battle scenes and a healthy dose of comedy that will keep you interested for the entirety of its twelve 24-minute episodes.

Thankfully, its second season releases this year.

Sword Art Online: Imagine living in your favourite video game (can't log-out though)

Sword Art Online is probably the most 'fun' out of these titles. It is also not a very complex show.

The story revolves around a video game whiz who creates the best game ever, one where players can project their consciousness.

Except, if they log out, they die!

It has some good action scenes and twists. Worth a watch if you've finished the others.