Tuesday Throwback: India’s first visionary entrepreneur with an Industrial mind

Tapasvi Vibhute
·2-min read

Jamshetji Tata was an Indian industrialist and entrepreneur who founded the Tata group. The massive success which India’s biggest conglomerate company enjoy today was the result of the vision and mission of Jamshetji Tata.

Jamshetji Tata is also known as the ‘Father Of Indian Industry’.

An ambitious young man, he dreamed of building iron and steel company and educational institution. Blessed with a sharp mind and an intuitive business sense, he soon became a pioneering entrepreneur and founded a venture, a tradition concern in 1868.

He was born the same year as the American industrialist John D Rockefeller and set up his company around the same time as Rockefeller set up his own.

After graduating from college, he joined his father’s trading firm. He then founded a trading company in 1868 with just Rs 21,000.

He donated his life to four goals,

  1. Setting up an iron and cement company

  2. A world-class educational institution

  3. A unique hotel

  4. A hydroelectric plant
    However, only the hotel became a reality during his lifetime. Taj Mahal hotel was the only hotel in India to have electricity.

He was the first entrepreneur in the country who recognized the effects on the industrial revolution.

He was close to the Indian National Congress

His goals of political and economic self-sufficiency had such an effect that the British didn’t raise him to the rank of nobility as they did the other Parsi entrepreneurs.

The city in Jamshedpur in Jharkhand is named in honour of Jamshetji Tata.

His vision of the Institute of Science in Bangalore, a steel plant in Jamshedpur, Bihar and hydroelectric was brought to completion by his successors.

The visionary, who played a vital role in the development of India through his Industrial and philanthropic activities, passed away on 19th May, 1904.