'Turner & Hooch' episode-1: Tom Hanks's character plays major role

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21 Jul 2021: 'Turner & Hooch' episode-1: Tom Hanks's character plays major role

Streamer Disney+ dropped the first episode of Turner & Hooch today. Starring Josh Peck, Carra Patterson, Vanessa Lengies and Lyndsy Fonseca, the series is a sequel of the 1989 movie by the same name. Tom Hanks played one half of the titular character. Episode one is set to make you nostalgic, as Hanks's Scott Turner plays a major role in building up the storyline.

Story: First episode is about the beginning of a beautiful bond

Series is about Turner's son — Scott Turner Jr. He is a clean-freak and an ambitious US Marshall. And the adorable mastiff, Hooch, has been passed on to him after the death of his father (Hanks's character). Initially, Turner Jr. is annoyed with the slobbering and hyperactive dog, who later becomes his "forever dog." The 46-minute-long episode shows the beginning of a beautiful bond.

Characters: Who are the other important characters in 'Turner & Hooch'

Along with Turner's bond with Hooch, it also showed his relationship with his family, which seems to be distant. He, however, is close with his sister, Laura. The episode introduced his pregnant work partner, Jessica, who portrays a strong woman character, and K-9 facility trainer Erica, who has a crush on Turner. They all played an important role in bringing Hooch and Turner close.

Verdict: Focus should have been on pooch, episode gets 3 stars

Directed by McG, the first episode isn't much appealing and of course, predictable, even if you've not watched the movie. If the makers had shown more of Hooch than a confused Turner, it might have been more interesting. Overall, it's a decent watch and seems like it will gain pace in the coming episodes. Verdict: 3.5 stars (extra half points for the pooch).

Episode 2: What to expect from the next episode?

This episode showed how Turner took Hooch's help to crack a case, and now they will proceed as a K-9 unit in the upcoming episodes. It ended with Laura calling Turner and revealing that their father's heart attack might have been because of some dangerous case he was dealing with. In the next episode, we'll probably see Turner & Hooch solving the mystery.

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