'Turning Red' teaser trailer shows why controlling emotions is important

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14 Jul 2021: 'Turning Red' teaser trailer shows why controlling emotions is important

A major Hulk recall was seen when Pixar dropped the teaser-trailer of its latest offering, Turning Red. In it, a school going girl turns into a huge red panda, whenever she's feeling any extreme emotion, be it happiness, grief, anxiety or anger. Coming from the stable of Oscar winner Domee Shi, this animated film will be releasing in the US on March 11, 2022.

Details: Note saying 'your mom is outside' starts all the fun

The 1.55-minute-long teaser trailer begins by showing an ordinary 13-year-old, Meilin Lee, in a classroom. The teacher starts a lesson on "quadratic formula," when Lee's classmate passes on a note that says, "your mom is outside." She sees outside and catches her mother trying to hide behind a tree, only to get marked out by a Sikh security officer. The two start fighting.

Nuances: Backstreet Boys given a nod, 'Larger Than Life' background song

With Backstreet Boys's Larger Than Life playing in backdrop, we find Lee getting a panic attack and repeatedly saying "no." While her mother continues her brawl, capturing attention of her classmates and teacher, the girl slowly starts transforming, and within some minutes, becomes a huge red panda. She anxiously runs toward her home, when we see the text, "growing up is a beast," flashing.

Fact: 'Next Spring, meet Mei,' Pixar said, while sharing 'brand-new poster'

Information: Sandra Oh voices Lee's mother, Rosalie Chiang plays Lee

Toward the fag end, Lee, in her panda form, says, "I am calm, I am calm," and becomes that cute little girl again. She exults, and changes again into the red big panda, indicating that any form of high emotion drives her to this point. Rosalie Chiang is providing her voice for this character, while her mother is being played by Sandra Oh.

Release: The film will likely be a theatrical release

Turning Red earns the badge of being the first full-length animated film from the house of Disney that's set in Canada, entirely. It's also Shi's first feature, who was a storyboard artist at Pixar. When her 2018 release, Bao got an Oscar, it was then she came into limelight. Backed by Walt Disney Studios, the coming-of-age fantasy comedy will likely be released in theaters.

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