Tusshar Kapoor Says He Wants To Be There As Laksshya Grows Up, Irrespective Of How He Was Parented

Srushti Jayadev

Veteran actor Jeetendra had opened up about how proud he is of his son Tusshar Kapoor's parenting, in a recent interview. Jeetendra had shared that he was not even one percent of the father that Tusshar is, to his son Laksshya. He had said that he wished he had spent more time with his children when they were growing up.

As Laksshya turned four, Tusshar was asked if he is consciously trying to make sure that he is there for his son as he grows up. Tusshar said that the way he was brought up has nothing to do with him wanting to be there for Laksshya all the time.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Tusshar said, "I am not looking at it that way. I guess times have changed and the idea of parenting has changed. Irrespective of how I was brought up and how old school parenting was, I don't want to be that kind of a parent and that is not because of how I was brought up but it is because there is just so much access to good parenting ideas today. Also, I don't have a choice, I am a single parent, so, I have to be a father and mother both. All in one parent."

When asked if he missed having his father around, he said, "Not really. I didn't know what I was missing out on because we would meet him during weekends, or on holidays. So, he kind of made it up. And we saw all his films... we would see him through video cassettes. We were not really aware of what I was missing. But, obviously, there could have been days where having a dad around could have been easier sometimes but that is life. No matter how much I do for my son, even he would have complaints, I am sure of that. I think as kids we are never happy."

Tusshar had Laksshya through surrogacy in 2016.

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