TV Mommies, Mahhi Vij, Ankita Bhargava And Deepika Singh Share How They Are Taking Care Of Their Babies During The Coronavirus Spread- EXCLUSIVE

As everyone is at their homes, trying to figure out how to utilize their time in the best way, we have some new mommies in the television world, who are busy with their little infants. We spoke to 3 mommies- Mahhi Vij, Deepika Goyal Singh and Ankita Bhargava. Here's what they shared with us: 

Mahhi Vij: "This is not a new day for me. It’s my daily routine- I wake up at 7 am to plan her day, her feeds, her nutrition intake, her milestones, her bath, her massage- everything. I have help but I love doing these things for her as for me, it’s makes my connection stronger with her. But let’s pray this gets over soon."

Ankita Bhargava: "These are difficult times and scary too if you are a new mom.

My daughter is just over 3 months now and I have to take utmost care of her right now because of the current situation we are in. Thankfully, the staff we have at home stays with us, so, there is no one coming and going out of the house on a daily basis. We are not stepping out at all, even to the terrace for a stroll anymore, since I don't want to enter the lift. I am making sure everyone at home, are washing their hands and sanitising as well regularly, especially before getting close to Mehr.

Also, I have to keep my immunity super strong since I am feeding her and I cant afford to fall sick. I am having fresh orange juice for Vitamin C and Tulsi tablets for respiratory health. Above all, I am trying not to get intimidated by negative thoughts and keep thinking positive and I honestly believe we will all come out of the pandemic soon! What I think, feel and believe transmits to my daughter and that's how her immunity will react! Thus, I am busy entertaining her 24/7 with various things and as a result I am also not getting trapped by boredom and pessimism."

Deepika Singh: "As a mother, I am extremely worried about our house's kids' health. I stay in a joint family, where not just Soham but my brother-in-law's daughters-Yoshika (3 year) and Anika (4 months) are also staying with us. I stopped sending them to playschool since March 11. Whereas official announcement of schools being shut, was made almost a week after that. We were giving them milk, which used to come from Pune, but as soon as this Coronavirus news broke out, I have stopped that and now I am giving them the packet milk. I wash the packet before I take that inside the house. In fact, I do same with vegetables also. Kids keep insisting to go out and play but we are stopping them explaining the condition outside. Also keeping them busy with their games inside. Rohit is helping me throughout by not just taking care of kids but also cooking breakfast and doing household chores. Most importantly we have been constantly hammering our family members by sharing news and updates, so that they don't even think of stepping out. However, it's not that easy especially for boys as they are not habituated to sit at home at all. But I am using all my tactics right from being strict to emotional to stop them. Thankfully, my husband is understanding this but my younger brother who just stays one road away from my residence is not. But I have told him also to not come home as we have kids and my mother-in-law, father-in-law at home. I can't take any kind of risk. Obviously, he is feeling bad about it but the whole idea is to keep our families safe." 

Image Source:- instagram/mahhivij/ ankzbhargava/deepikasingh150/ karan9198

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