TVF Aspirants Actor Abhilash Thapliyal On Doing Political Satires: ‘It Is A Sad Situation If You Feel Scared Before Speaking Up’-EXCLUSIVE

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Actor Abhilash Thapliyal is currently basking in the success of his latest show, TVF Aspirants. The show about UPSC aspirants, struck a chord with the common man and is getting love from all over. Before being an actor, Abhilash was a Radio jockey and after that, he also became a political satirist on social media. His character of Muffler Man became a rage, and even today he even continues to keep on with that character and his role as a political satirist.

Ask Abhilash if in today’s political scenario, where raising voice against the regimen is proving to be fatal and there is a sensitive environment all around politically, does he feel scared to go on with his political stands, and he denies it. “It gives you a lot of strength and sets you apart. If you are doing something when everything around allows it to be, then what is special in that. When things are not in your favour and you are still raising your voice, that makes you a satirist,” he asserts. ALSO READ: TVF Aspirants Actor Abhilash Thapliyal: ‘Entertainment Industry was my Plan B’- EXCLUSIVE

Abhilash goes on to point out that powerful regimes have always tried to subdue opposing voices. “This is not the first time that is happening, we are just getting to know about it more because of the power of social media. Whenever there has been a powerful regime, if anyone has tried to speak against it, their voices have been subdued. And it hasn’t happened just in India, but worldwide,” he maintains.

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The actor insists that people raised voice before too, now just the ways of speaking up has changed to speaking up on social media. “The worst thing for a democracy is when the common man there doesn’t get to put forward their opinions and concerns. That is the only power we have. We cannot build roads or make hospitals but we can speak up. It is a sad situation if you feel scared before speaking up,” Abhilash insists.

He goes on to ask that if people in media like him, who laymen listen to, would not speak, then who will? “But you should also know your limits. You should speak about important issues in a dignified way but don’t misuse your right to express,” Abhilash points out, adding that in today’s society, political ideologies have become extreme on both sides, be it the left or right. “People don’t want to hear the other’s point of view. They can’t accept that the other one could be right too. We need a lot of centrist views today where people talk about issues, not the political ideologies. Then only we can get a solution and also true satire as well. The day people accept that we can be wrong too, everything will be sorted,” he concludes.

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