A tweet by Kerala Tourism on a beef dish sparks war of words

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A photo of a popular delicacy 'Beef Ularthiyathu' by Kerala tourism handle started a row online.

A tweet by the official handle of the Kerala Tourism - that was about a beef dish consumed in the state - ended up sparking a war of words on Twitter.

On Wednesday, @KeralaTourism posted a photo of popular local delicacy 'Beef Ularthiyathu (beef fry)', with a link to the recipe on their website. However, many people claimed the tweet 'hurt their religious sentiments' since it contained a photo of beef.

Here's what the Kerala Tourism handle posted:

Some critics said the timing of the tweet on beef could have been better, given people in other states are celebrating festivals like Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Bihu. They claimed it was a day cattle and cows were worshipped, and the timing of the tweet was in poor taste.

Others dared the official handle to post photos of pork dishes since they believed it would offend members of the Muslim community. However, many Malayalis pointed out that residents of the state also consume pork and there is no bar on its consumption. Others shared screenshots of pork recipes available on the website.

Others pointed out that people in the state decide what to eat and not because there's a law dictating their food choices. In many states, the slaughter of cows and bulls is banned.