Twinkle Khanna Reacts To Trolls Morphing Her Picture On Akshay Kumar’s Laxmii Poster, Says She's 'Flattered' To Be Called Bombshell In Her Middle Age

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Akshay Kumar has remained mum over the boycott calls he has faced for his upcoming movie, Laxmii. While Akki was trolled on the internet, the meme generators also targeted his better half, actress turned author Twinkle Khanna in it. The troll shared a picture of Twinkle and added a tone of blue and red to her image with a red bindi, just Akki looked on the film poster and called her 'Twinkle Bomb'. Now Twinkle Khanna has finally reacted to it in her weekly column she writes for Times Of India.

Instead of being disappointed and venting out her anger, she mentioned being flattered with the trolls calling her bomb in their memes. She tweeted, “Trolls are helpful just when I was looking for the image for (the link of her column) here it is:)Crop rather than repost! One added ’3rd class person. You make joke about God.’I’m tempted to reply,’God clearly likes a good joke or she would not have made you.” The tweet also carried the link of her column. She mentioned in her weekly column that she was flattered by trolls calling her bomb in her middle age.

She wrote, “The trolls have been after the man of the house’s Laxmmi Bomb and for some odd reason, they have taken pictures of me, turned my skin the same peacock shade as Lord Krishna, added a red bindi and are sharing posters called Twinkle Bomb. Honestly, I am rather flattered because this moniker has come along at the right time for, as a middle-aged woman, I was beginning to think that my bombshell days were far behind me."

Penning down about the psychology of trolls and their constant need for attention, she mentioned not engaging with them. She further wrote, “I look at another meme I am tagged in. This one comes with a comment, ‘Third class person. You make joke about God.’ I am almost tempted to reply, ‘God clearly likes a good joke, otherwise she would not have made you’.” ALSO READ: Laxmii: Bigg Boss 13 Winner Sidharth Shukla Sports Red Bindi And Participates In Akshay Kumar's Campaign; Says It's Time To Support The Third Gender

Laxmii releases on November 9, 2020, on Disney + Hostar which also stars Kiara Advani alongside Akshay Kumar. ALSO READ: Laxmii: 5 Reasons Why You MUST Watch Akshay Kumar And Kiara Advani Starrer That Is A Gamechanger

Image Source: Instagram/twinklekhanna/twitter/mrsfunnybones

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