Twinkle Khanna's book helps cancer patient; actress turned author responds in a beautiful way

Twinkle Khanna while sharing a sweet message from a fan also shared something for all the mothers and cancer survivors. Twinkle Khanna took to her social media to share a sweet message from a fan, who is also a cancer survivor. The fan wrote to Twinkle expressing how the actress' book 'Mrs Funnybones' helped her through the most difficult stage of her life.

Twinkle posted a screenshot of the sweet message thanking the fan for sharing her experience and also had a few lines for all the mothers and cancer survivors. The author spoke about how women are fearless and pain does not frighten mothers.

"Words are powerful creatures. They are bridges. They are conduits. They are sanctuaries. Mine gave a stranger joy, hers moved me deeply. I wrote back to her this morning and as odd as it seems, I was crying. For someone, I don’t know and perhaps for all the people I have lost. I read her note and a tiny word stood out. Kids. Pain doesn’t frighten mothers, our bodies have been ripped in half before, it is the thought of the pain that our children will feel because of our absence that smashes us to bits. I wish this brave woman and her children all the strength in the world." The post's caption read.

After the fans saw the post they applauded Twinkle and her fan.

One fan commented, "Love you Twinkle, I have not read any of your books. But just reading your comment below makes me want to read your book. funny bones, I will get my copy soon."

Another fan commented, "And you both made me cry ..strength and power to her."

Other followers showered the comment section with heart emojis.

Twinkle Khanna has authored 3 books till date: Pyjamas for Forgiving, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad and Mrs Funnybones. Mrs Funnybones was published in 2015 and hit the Nielsen bestseller list at number 2, in its first week of sales.

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