Twinkle Mukherjee swears by family and fashion

Twinkle Mukherjee is a stunner whom we love to see gracing our phone or computer screen and giving us plenty of reasons to look at her.

If you’re fashion savvy and spend time on Instagram checking out fashion inspo, then the chances are her pictures might have popped on your screen already and you might have liked or saved it as your fashion guide too.

The social media celebrity, known for her flawless style and charismatic lifestyle can easily be reckoned as India’s answer to Kar-Jenners. The all of 160cm petite girl flaunting long hair often becoming super long and voluminous, thanks to hair extensions, gorgeous designer red carpet dresses or chic streetstyle can make you her fan instantly if you have a penchant for fashion. Her vacation pictures which show her attractive figure in skimpy clothes can make anyone go weak.

On top of that, she’s a family-centric person. She shows off her extravagant holidays through Instagram stories which feature her family in it. Her 3 siblings are a regular feature on her social media - her brother is a photographer and obviously, that makes it a family business for them. Her elder sister Rinkle Mukherjee herself is a travel and lifestyle influencer and she regularly shares the pictures of the 2 sisters together conquering the world.

If you look at them closely, you would find 2 F words in common between the Kar-Jenner clan and Mukherjee clan - family and fashion. There is plenty of other resemblances too. Like they are seen twinning in similar outfits, wearing expensive designer items and dining together to prove ‘family that eats together, stays together’.

However, there’s one thing that is noticeable when you have a close look at their lifestyle - none of the sibling’s partners feature on their feed. Chances are rare that all of the good looking siblings are single and together they are busy with their shenanigans. So, maybe they are secretive about their relationships.

But, on the contrary, in one of the random Q&As which Twinkle frequently does on Instagram @twinkleintrendz, when an anonymous asked about her relationship status, she quipped, “I’m forever single, you know”.

She further added in some other questionnaire session, “I have so many of my friends starting to date and breaking up so many times that I have pretty much realized what makes someone like a person instantly or what causes a breakup.”

She pretty much hinted that she hadn’t gone through it herself in her life. At least her words say so, “I might have got to observe what makes or breaks relationships as a third person (or as an outsider) and that’s why I got to understand and analyze the reasons for its rise and fall. My friends literally consider me a ‘relationship guru ;) ;)’.

She also joked, “Maybe I can write a novel about it someday, LOL”.

It is notable, she took her friend’s instances but never uttered anything about her own siblings. So, are they all single? Only the future can tell.

But, we have no complaints as long as we get to see the gorgeous dolls displaying their sizzling figures in stunning dresses. Their single status might just be the cherry on the cake.