Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's personal account gets hacked

Daniel Roberts

Hackers took control of Twitter (TWTR) CEO Jack Dorsey’s personal account on Friday for about 20 minutes, posting racist and inflammatory comments that were widely circulated around the site.

The tweets and retweets, which began appearing from Dorsey’s @jack account around 3:30 pm EST on Friday, contained racist and anti-Semitic remarks. Many of them used the hashtag #ChucklingSquad and #ChucklingHella.

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The hack quickly prompted conversations on Twitter about the potential implications for Twitter users if even the cofounder and CEO can get hacked.

Jack Dorsey's personal Twitter account was hacked on Friday

Twitter eventually confirmed that Dorsey’s account had been hacked, and that the company was investigating.


The “Chuckling Squad” group that compromised Dorsey’s account appears to be the same group that briefly hacked popular YouTube star James Charles just a week ago.

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