Twitter continues to blast CBS and 'Big Brother' for race-related controversy

Kylie Mar
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Big Brother finally had its first real eviction Thursday night, when Cliff Hogg III became the fourth member of "Camp Comeback."

Two weeks ago, Big Brother debuted the game-changing twist, which meant the first three houseguests that were evicted were not sent home. Instead, they couldn't vote or compete in any of the challenges, but they still lived inside the house. That is, until tonight. Following a 6-4 vote, Cliff was "evicted" and the comeback competition began.

It wasn't a close race at all. Cliff completely destroyed the competition and simultaneously made that majority vote super awkward for six houseguests. That, however, wasn't what was on Big Brother viewers' minds.

After an uncomfortable two weeks in the “Camp Comeback” room, preparing for their chance to get back into the competition, Kemi Fakunle, Ovi Kabir and David Alexander were officially evicted and out of the house entirely.

David was originally banished from the house during the second night of the season premiere, which sparked criticism by viewers, who pointed out that CBS and Big Brother's casting department was at fault for not having enough diversity. Meanwhile, David quickly formed a fan base after saying that he wanted to be the first African American contestant to win the show.

David, Kemi and Ovi have all become fan favorites since the season started, so viewers have been anticipating one of their returns. So when all three of them became the first three contestants eliminated, viewers doubled down on their remarks, opinions and theories about the show's "racism." Here are a few of the top tweets:

Meanwhile, others were just shocked that Cliff was the one to ultimately make it back into the house. And, no one can deny that he legit just dominated that competition. So, was this really CBS or Big Brother’s doing?

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