Twitter disses Netflix US for removing all Johnny Depp content

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Twitter disses Netflix US for removing all Johnny Depp content
Twitter disses Netflix US for removing all Johnny Depp content

13 Jan 2021: Twitter disses Netflix US for removing all Johnny Depp content

Johnny Depp, embroiled in a bitter legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, has indeed lost some ground and reputation.

As a result, his films have apparently been dropped by Netflix US, and his fans are mighty pissed.

Many of the subscribers are frustrated after not being able to spot any content of Depp.

However, that's actually not the case and Netflix is innocent.

Attacking Netflix: 'The Sun' verdict fallout? Several subscribers spotted Depp films missing

It so happened that several tweets from US-based subscribers pointed out that Netflix is not streaming any film of the Pirates of the Caribbean star at the moment.

People quickly jumped to conclusions thereafter, calling the platform out on Twitter for selectively targeting Depp's blockbuster films and canceling him due to his loss in the UK publication libel case against Heard.

Fact: Attack style: This fan posted a video showing Depp's avatars

Reaction: Twitteratti went on a rampage against Netflix, called out Heard

Netizens didn't stop at that.

They started maligning Heard and even used hashtags such as #NetflixIsCanceled.

Others stoked the hatred by pointing out how Cuties, the panned French film about adolescence, is still on the platform but none of Depp's films are.

But if they had little information about distribution rights, they would have realized this anger toward Netflix is out of place.

Reason: Subsequent report took blame off Netflix, highlighted distribution rights

A subsequent report by What's on Netflix reasoned how the US users are blaming Netflix unnecessarily for something it didn't do.

The movies starring Depp that have been streamed on Netflix were done as part of distribution rights by various studios such as Paramount, Disney, WB, Universal and others.

Their films are streamed as long as their distribution rights with Netflix stay valid.

Fact: Depp's films are streaming everywhere else, even in UK

Therefore, none of the distribution deals over any Depp's films seem to be active with Netflix right now in its US base, for which Netflix US currently lacks his films.

They would've seen Depp permanently on the platform had he been involved in any of Netflix originals.

The report added that UK and other countries are still streaming Depp's films on Netflix right now.

Details: Netflix just added one of Depp's best movies

For those who are complaining about Netflix's Depp move can catch him in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, one of his best performances till date, there.

Also, Rango, an animated feature with him in lead, is on the streaming platform.

Further, news has it that director Tim Burton wants the skilled actor to play Gomez Addams in The Addams Family, a TV series on Netflix.

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