Twitterverse Can’t Keep Calm About The Comical Debut Of Bollywood Stars On Amazon’s One Mic Stand!

Manjari Mukherjee

Early reviews for Amazon Prime Video’s “One Mic stand” are out and fans are going gaga over it!

Amazon Prime Video’s “One Mic Stand” is a new show that got premiered on 15th November. Ever since Amazon Prime dropped the trailer, fans have been waiting to see the show on the OTT platform.

The show went live yesterday and going by the common public opinion, it’s surely worth a watch. Viewers are on the floor laughing their hearts out with ultimate content and comedy of paramount level. In Amazon Prime Video comedy special, Dr. Shashi Tharoor seems to be poking fun at his own linguistic skills and people are exhilarated to see him perform.

The viewers have already started admiring and acclaiming the show and by the looks of it the show is a definite binge-watch!

One fan shared, “Just got done with #OneMicStand and Dr. @ShashiTharoor had one of the best performances I’ve seen. Also, @sapanv man, loved every bit of your performances as well”.

Another couldn’t wait for the second season and  expresses “Finished watching the first season of #onemicStand ! Amazing concept @sapanv The start was bang on with @Bhuvan_Bam and the end couldn’t have been better! It’s always such a pleasure to hear @ShashiTharoor and it definitely didn’t seem like his first one! Waiting for Season 2”


One more tweet read: “Expected @sapanv’s #OneMicStand stand to be good but it turned out to be even better! Great concept,super funny and something new and refreshing!
@Zakirism @Bhuvan_Bam @taapsee @PiratedSardar @RichaChadha @stupidusmaximus @VishalDadlani @ShashiTharoor @kunalkamra88 @PrimeVideoIN”

Another fan shared,”Watched #onemicstand on @AmazonVideo what a great collaboration from stars and comedians, really loved episodes of @Bhuvan_Bam and @ShashiTharoor.”

One fan tweeted,”Just completed watching #OneMicStand. Great performance by all 5 celebrities.Huge credit should be given to the audience of all 5 shows. They were so supportive. @sapanv @Bhuvan_Bam @taapsee @ShashiTharoor @RichaChadha”

Some more tweets are:”Just finished watching all the episodes of #onemicstand on @PrimeVideoIN and to pick one, absoultely loved the performance of @ShashiTharoor
Rare politician who made us laugh intentionally.
Great work @sapanv!”

“Its just outstanding.. Every episode is like a real maal… Nashaa hai bhai nasha
Thank you @sapanverma for having  a wondering comic season. Can’t wait for season 2.
Richa has killed it.

“Hey @taapsee that was a great set!very enthusiastic!  Yet another  Breakthrough performance #OneMicStand #TaapseePannu”


“#OneMicStand is a nice concept by @sapanv and @PrimeVideoIN totally enjoyed all the episodes.
Especially @Bhuvan_Bam @taapsee @ShashiTharoor bits.
Excited for new season and more celebrities. @Zakirism @kunalkamra88 @stupidusmaximus @PiratedSardar”

Over the weekend, fans will definitely be binge-watching the show and even going for second rounds.

The celebrities are individually mentored by the wittiest comedians in India including Rohan Joshi, Ashish Shakya, Zakir Khan, Kunal Kamra and Angad Singh Ranyal.

One Mic Stand is created and hosted by Sapan Verma in collaboration with Only Much Louder and is a five-episode series. The show is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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