Two Of A Kind: New Age Sibling Entrepreneurs – Meet Lalaram & Tekram

The two visionary brothers are leaving a new watermark for what it means to have a str bong geopolitical relations. And they are going strong day by day!

Elder Lalaram who born in November 1980 in Delhi and right after two years, his younger sibling, Tekram was born in September 1982. In today's date, the two brothers have emerged as wonder brothers for obvious reasons.

It all started as a story in the family which hailed from New Delhi which emerged as being something which seems legendary if seen today from what it was and could have been. No one at time thought that this duo born in to family would emerge as great entrepreneurs in future. So history was created and one can say it was destined to happen.

Now the real estate world started to feel that the legacy started by their father is in secure hands of experts in from next generation who where groomed and trained under the market experts. Yes, we are talking of Lalaram and his brother Tekram, who are owners of the company named Ramji Group.

They changed the face of unorganized real estate business in Delhi, Haryana & UP by starting to work on land banking for many big real-estate developers and luxury high-end farms for who’s who of India. Cashing to old experience in field now, they are Launching fully furnished 900 Units of low rise affordable luxury apartment with all luxuries of modern world on Sohna Road Gurugram, which would be in 3 phases and each unit will cost 1.15 Cr. Woah!

But like any great thinker and visionary, their parents understood the power and importance of education and hence Lalaram was sent to Leeds University (UK) in 2002 to study International Business. And other brother Tekram went to Cardiff University (UK) for MBA In the year 2004.

They returned to India with new ideas, dreams, a sound education & an outlook to take the business in to the next level. With their foresight, Lalaram and Tekram ventured in Hydro carbon business & started a new venture. But the wonder did not end there, they saw new opportunities and hence started their other big ventures in Chemicals and Fertilisers Trading that gives a glimpse of farsightedness qualities of Lalaram and Tekram, also known as the wonder brothers.

With the success of their other previous ventures, they started to look and explore new business avenues to expand so then they zeroed on to Solar power and hence Lalaram and Tekram entered into power & resources. Starting a company was one thing but taking it to new heights is the actual deal which both brothers Lalaram and Tekram successfully proved despite all odds and challenges of new markets.

They believe that whole world is a platform to work and they enjoy & use the strong plus close relations with the government, royal families and big business houses, as they grow their foot prints in India CIS Countries & Middle East.

Their close relations with the royal family from Middle East and the governments of CIS countries enabled them to mint superlative business and investments in the fields of aviation, transport and mining etc. Presently, they are working with the National carriers from 3 CIS countries and are in talks to introduce frequent new flights to new sectors from India from the bases in these mentioned countries. Till date, as per their research, some really potential routes are not used as active fly routes from India which can be used to travel via Dubai etc.

Talking about their business activities as of lately, they have sold 7 Wide Body air crafts to 3 National carriers in CIS countries which is a tedious task to carry in such a short span of time. They took just 15 months from the initiation of applying the whole process to the final delivery. Impressive! They have also secured exclusive business rights for natural resources mining and exploration such as silver ruby and LNG.

Setting up a big business and making them successful is not the only a great quality but being true to their roots and having respect for the traditions, virtues & values taught by their father hence taking care of their extended family and employees about their well-being, says a lot about these two people.

So this is the story of two young and dynamic brothers, Lalaram and Tekram, who are doing their part for the society with their charity work with few organisations from many years. While Tekram maintains a distance from social media as he feels feels social media is not for him, Lalaram is very active on Instagram, Facebook etc,with really impressive posts giving a small peek into his life and enjoys a huge following on IG who admire him and his lifestyle.

Lalaram, a powerful social media influencer is quite making his presence felt on Instagram which comes across as quite impressive. Well, social media is important and you can't deny it's worth.