If two people have to be together, they also need to adjust: Deepika Padukone

If you want to know what Deepika Padukone, who recently celebrated her 34th birthday, thinks about a relationship, you must watch this old interview of her's. In a conversation back in 2012 with host Simi Garewal when the Piku actor was voted India's most desirable actor, Padukone talked about how relationships must have a "sense of direction". "Frivolous relationships are not meant for me. Marriage may not be the beyond all and end of all relationships but it has to have some direction. If you are in it to just have some fun, for me, I will not be in it for sake of it," she said.

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Talking about how relationships become one-sided when people tend to become dependent on the other for everything, she said, "I am a very giving person. I don't expect anything in return. But I at least expect the person to appreciate or return what they are getting, the love, the taking care. When I give, I just give 100 per cent. There is no guard. If two people have to be together, they also need to adjust. It's give and take. (But what I believe is the key to happiness is) To not be entirely dependent on one person. Because when that's gone, then what? You can't allow somebody else to be the driving force of your happiness."