“Two Pink Lines”-The Lines That Have No Boundaries For Happiness And Carve New Beginnings.

“Two Pink Lines”-The Lines That Have No Boundaries For Happiness And Carve New Beginnings.

In India, 77% of women in the age group of 20-35 years are trying to conceive. After all, these are also called golden years of making a baby. This is also when a woman’s biological clock is ticking at its best and is in sync and health to make a baby. While a lot of factors depend on this  biological clock, including lifestyle and genetics, there is one thing that brings this baby making journey to a happy ending -”Prega News Home Pregnancy Kit”.



At BabyChakra thousands of parents join us everyday as expecting parents to begin their journey of parenthood. As part of our “Are you trying to conceive?” survey, we reached out to these parents and many others who are trying to make a baby and tried to understand their awareness about menstrual cycles, ovulation and conception.


Our survey results revealed that most of the women who have either conceived or trying to conceive are in the age group of 20-35 years. 8 out of every 10 women are cautious of their menstrual cycles and track ovulation regularly. A trend that is growing, thanks to modern day technology and supporting tools like ovulation kits, home pregnancy kits and online calculators.


What is Ovulation?

It is the process in which eggs are released from the ovaries. Once the eggs are released, during the luteal phase, also called the most fertile phase, the eggs are available to be fertilized by sperms hence making this the most favourable phase to conceive.


There is a remarkable trend in women who are trying to conceive and that is tracking their cycles for ovulation. While majority of them track by means of understanding their menstrual cycles, rest use an online ovulation tracker to understand their most fertile period.

Tracking Ovulation not only helps in planning a baby, it also helps couples who are not planning a baby to understand their safe period.


Missing Period


Missing period is the first sign of being pregnant. You wouldn’t want to land at your Doctor’s office unless you are sure. While periods can also get delayed due to multiple reasons like PCOS, stress or other underlying conditions, there is one thing that gives woman a comfort within the boundaries of her privacy is an answer to her dilemma, in less than 5 minutes- a home pregnancy test. 90% of women rely on home pregnancy test as their go to solution for seeking the answer - Pregnant or Not Pregnant.


Our survey revealed that off these 90% women, more than half the users relied on Prega news home pregnancy test for results based on recommendation from Doctors or experienced family members or friends. The ease of using this kit comes from its simple to follow instruction manual.


Increasing HCG levels in urine are the first indicators of pregnancy. Home pregnancy tests have an excellent algorithm to determine pregnancy based on levels of HCG in urine. An early morning urine sample can reveal the result in less than 5 minutes.


Journey of Conceiving


Couples of new gen are more aware and cautious about making a decision when it comes to embracing parenthood. Journey of planning a baby can become stressful or painful if a couple is not aware of concepts of fertile period, ovulation and an over all health of the biological needs to make a healthy baby. With the right knowledge, nutrition and lifestyle, not only conceiving a baby but the entire pregnancy can become a smooth sail.


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