Who is Ty Thagod and what is Multiple Personas

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Ty Thagod is an international award-winning hip hop recording artist/songwriter on a mission to make everyone hear his voice by displaying his talents and showcasing his abilities by being versatile throughout his musical journey. This self-thought entrepreneur is on the rise to see the greatness that he inspires to be. Ty Thagod is back and this time he's back presenting a 4 track E.P titled Multiple Personas.

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What's Multiple personas

"Multiple personas" is a collective of songs that show many different styles and structures a unique sounding project from beginning to end. Multiple personas is an ep showing the diversity of an artist with 4 songs that sound nothing like the previous.

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Ty Thagod comes in and starts the project off with all I see is me. An introspective record on how he's only concentrating on his grind only and not worry bout what others do but just focusing on him and staying in his lane when it comes to this life. lines with like "why be a slave when I can own the field"

The 2nd song off the project is called Go. A club banger women could enjoy and dance to guarantee to make the women back it up and go stupid.

The 3rd record is called Hulk Hogan which is a record paying homage to the great legendary Hollywood Hulk hogan. Which states the hook "I feel like hulk hogan running around with my wolves and I'm styling on em profiling on em man I think the lord I'm chosen" a great sounding record that will have you bobbin ya head.

The last of the project is go sicc, another club song ladies could enjoy and dance to." when listening to the project just understand you're listening to 4 individual records that are placed as a project.