Types of tourisms: Bet you never knew there were so many

Pubali Neogy

For most of us, the word tourism evokes images of a relaxed vacation in the lap of nature or in another city, away from the daily grind. It also brings to mind cosy hotel rooms, sumptuous fare and sightseeing at an unhurried, relaxed pace.

For those of us on a shoestring budget, it conjures up images of a backpacking trip across cities, beaches and mountains.

But did you know that the tourism industry is much more than that. It is large, diverse and employs one in ten people on this planet. So, to understand its trajectory and prospects, there are terms galore categorising the journeys people make from one place to another, be it within one’s nation or internationally.

And as the World Tourism Day draws close, join us to discover all the different ways people travel and find out which one yours fit into.