Uber drives 400 miles round trip to take passengers to aunt's 100th birthday: 'I'm a driver, that's what I do'

An Uber driver drove four-hours roundtrip in order to get two sisters to their aunt's 100th birthday party. (Photo: Twitter)

When weather caused two sisters to miss their connecting flight to arrive at their aunt's 100th birthday party, an unlikely hero stepped up to save the day — an Uber driver, named Jesus, who was willing to drive them 200 miles to their final destination.

Kerry Maggard and her sister Deb Eggers found themselves stuck at the Minneapolis airport after weather caused them to miss their connecting flight to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, on Saturday. With all of the later flights completely sold out, and every rental car booked, Maggard and her sister had one final Hail Mary. They requested an Uber.

The last-ditch effort, Maggard and Eggers knew, was a long shot. A driver accepting their faraway destination of Edgerton, Minnesota, would not only have to drive 200 miles to get them there, but the driver would also have to drive 200 miles back home, more likely than not without a customer.

But when Maggard requested the Uber, her prayers were quickly answered by Jesus — literally.

"I was shocked that anyone picked it up. It was kind of a last resort to see if anyone would consider it," Maggard told CNN. "It was picked up immediately and of course I got the message on the phone which said, 'Jesus is 7 minutes away, which was quite a shock.'"

Jesus Florentino, who has been driving for the ride service for nearly three years, explains that he didn't actually see the final destination when he initially accepted the ride.

"I feel that they need to be attending the birthday and I enjoy driving, so yeah, it worked out well," Florentino said. "It's an important occasion, and if I was in their place I would appreciate very much someone bringing me there when there was no other way."

Maggard said: "He was just so sweet and without hesitation he said, 'I'm a driver, that's what I do. I'll take you.'"

After four hours, the sisters arrived at their aunt Ann’s party at 6 p.m., an hour after it had concluded.

Sisters Kerry Maggard and Deb Eggers took an Uber 200 miles to be able to attend their aunt Ann's 100th birthday party. (Photo: Kerry Maggard via Storyful)

"The party had been over for an hour, but everyone was there," Maggard explained. "All my cousins, they were aware of my situation, so they extended the party time and we arrived in time to see everyone and then spend some good quality time alone with my aunt."

The $216.30 trip earned Florentino a tip of $54.07 and a five-star rating.

Maggard said that the event was so important to the sisters, that the grand total of $270.37 was a small price to pay.

Sisters Kerry Maggard and Deb Eggers took an Uber 200 miles to be able to attend their aunt Ann's 100th birthday party. (Photo: Kerry Maggard via Storyful)

After dropping off the sisters, Florentino made the return four-hour drive home alone, arriving at 10 p.m.

Florentino has driven more than 6,000 customers, but he says this was his longest journey. Ironically, his shortest trip would happen just two days later on Monday.

"There is a hotel at the airport and the rider didn't know how to get to the hotel, because it was late at night. So I had to drive him around, just under a mile," he said. "With Uber, you never know."

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