Udaan 19th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Chakor and Suraj get intimate as Ranvijay makes a fool out of himself

Eva Abraham
Udaan 19th February 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Chakor and Suraj get intimate as the morning gets Imli to their door.

Udaan starts with Chakor(Meera Deosthale) in Suraj’s(Vijayendra Kumeria) arms as she complains about the time she yearned to be in his arms and yet when she actually met him he refused to acknowledge her. She complains of how rude he was to her and he says that he was not alive all this while and he always had this emptiness in him which got its full today. Chakor asks him to love her today and they get intimate as they spend the night together. Next morning Chakor happily wakes up to the memory of Suraj returning to her. Suraj wakes up and starts walking out in his anger to face Imli and Rannvijay. Chakor asks him to be patient as they cannot face the two in anger. Chakor plans something and they discuss.

Later as he comes out of Chakor’s house Imli and Ranvijay wait outside. Ranvijay asks Imli to watch the two as he comes out of his wife’s house. Ranvijay asks Suraj to confess and he says that he did hit Ranvijay. This makes Imli furious as she aims at Suraj. Chakor walks infront of Suraj and asks her to quit targeting Suraj . Suraj pushes Chakor away and kneels before Imli. He says that Ranvijay was trying to kill Chakor and he remembered that Imli had asked him not to let that happen. He says he begged Ranvijay to stop yet he did not and so he hit Ranvijay. Imli angrily walks away and Suraj mocks Ranvijay. Ranvijay is helpless and walks off. Suraj then sees the villagers return and shouts at Chakor and walks off. Kasturi asks Chakor where she was and who injured her. Kasturi asks Chakor to stop following Suraj around. She promises she will not.(Also Read: Sukor re-unite and spend time lost in each other)

A desperate and frustrated Ranvijay screams around in the haveli as Imli refuses to listen to him. Manju sits with Ranvijay as she plays around with him saying she believes him and sympathies with him. Imli walks in and Ranvijay once again tries to convince Imli about Suraj but she asks him to shut up. Suraj walks up and says that he is still devoted to Imli.. Ranvijay decides to test Suraj and says that he wants Suraj to burn Chakor’s house down killing her parents. Suraj is shocked and tries to dissuade Rannvijay and hopes Imli will agrees with him, but Imli asks him to do that. Suraj stands helpless as Chakor sits dreaming about him.