Udaan Actress Meera Deosthale: 'If A Show Doesn’t Work, Either A Character Is Killed Or The Storyline Is Changed'- EXCLUSIVE

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It is no secret that major story alterations and adjustments are made in a show when it is not being liked by the audience. Actor Meera Deosthale, who is known for her shows such as Udaan and Vidya, says that she has experienced this in both her shows.

“Where TV is concerned, the plots, storylines do change based on the ratings. Basically, in a show, the story is decided by the writers and producers before it starts. There are teams like the research team which finds out who likes to watch what on the show. The team works together and decides what is not being liked, and that is changed. They bring about some changes that the audience likes. It is all done to get ratings. I have experienced this in Udaan and Vidya, either the character will be killed or a leap will be done to bring the show back on track and show what the audience likes,” says Meera. ALSO READ :After Naagin 4, Meera Deosthale And Namish Taneja's Vidya Goes Off-Air Due To Covid-19- EXCLUSIVE

The actor feels that she has been very lucky as far as her work is concerned. “I have luckily not seen a struggling period. I went to an acting school. After a month of that, I got small roles. I did make a lot of efforts. I used to give three auditions in a day. I started when I was just 18 years old and my mom would accompany me. Money was never an issue for me. I have been brought up by my parents who have always ensured that my needs come first. I have always been provided with basic comforts like clothes, a house to stay and good food. I don’t come from a rich family but they have ensured that my brother and I have been brought up in a nice way,” she says. ALSO READ :

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Meera's last show Vidya with Namish Taneja was taken off-air in June this year due to COVID-19 crisis.

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