The UK is my home, a place I love, we aren’t walking away, says Prince Harry

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Prince Harry and wife Meghan have been in the spotlight since their announcement to ‘step back’ from the royal family. Addressing a gathering at a charity dinner to reiterate his commitment to Sentebale, an initiative that was co-founded with Lesotho’s Prince in 2006, Prince Harry made a touching speech, where he categorically stated, "The UK is my home and a place that I love. That will never change."

Referring to himself as ‘Harry’, not as a Prince, as per a news report in Town & Country mag, Harry shared his candid thoughts with the audience, stating that ‘we are not walking away."

Adding that he and Meghan had hoped to continue serving the Queen and Commonwealth, as well as continue with his military association without any public funding. However, Harry conveyed that ‘unfortunately’, it is no longer possible to do so and that he has accepted this, knowing that he has taken this ‘step forward’ into what he truly hopes would be a more ‘peaceful life’.

Reiterating that it is a great honor to serve the UK and the Queen, Prince Harry expressed his respect and gratitude to his grandmother, commander-in-chief and the rest of the family.

With the spotlight being on the charity that he had co-founded in Lesotho as part of an AIDs related initiative, Prince Harry pointed out that the real enemy is stigma.

He urged young people to take a positive approach and emphasised that being diagnosed with the virus does not mean it should be viewed as a death sentence for the person.

Citing the global significance of stepping up campaigns and support systems to boost HIV and AIDs related awareness campaigns, Prince Harry shared a disturbing statistic that around 110,000 people in the UK are living with HIV.

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What did the Queen say about Harry and Meghan?

Meanwhile, last Saturday, the Queen had issued a statement that Harry, Meghan and their son Archi will always be ‘much loved’ members of the royal family.

Will Harry and Meghan keep their titles?

Much water has flowed under the royal bridge after Harry and Meghan’s announcement, following which a flurry of discussions took place between the royal family members.

According to the official announcement by Buckingham, Prince Harry and Meghan will no longer hold the ‘HRH’ titles nor the military affiliation but they can continue to be part of private initiatives, patronages and associations.