UK Park Bench With Plaque in Memorial of Living 'Anti-Social' Man is Peak 2021

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Many people use park benches to commemorate the life and memories of their loved ones. Several filmmakers have also used them as an element to give an insight into a person’s life or mind. We have some memorable park bench scenes in films like Good Will Hunting, Forrest Gump, Notting Hill and many more. Notting Hill featured a memorial bench dedicated to a couple in love while the bench in Good Will Hunting was transformed into a memorial for Robin Williams following the actor’s death. Memorial benches feature plaques or inscriptions about the person it is dedicated to and placed in their favourite spots usually as a way to pay respects. But one such memorial bench in England has left the internet in splits for its unique message.

One walker came across an amusing plaque on a bench in Margate, England this week that is dedicated to someone still alive. Shared on Reddit’s forum CasualUK on June 15, the hilarious message on the plaque has left Brits in splits. The text reads that the bench is dedicated to someone named Hayden Kays, who is forever missed by his friends and family. It added that he is not dead yet but just become increasingly anti-social. The photograph of the plaque was captioned saying found this on a bench in Margate at the weekend.

It racked up more than 14,000 upvotes with more than 150 comments from netizens who shared similar witty messages they had found. One user wrote that there was a bench in Brighton, England with a note that “Gary Smith made his first shittily rolled spliff here, March 1995”. Another user recalled there is another in Crystal Palace Park in London that is dedicated to a woman who took pleasure in annoying the fisherman by feeding ducks. A third person wrote that 50% of benches in Margate are for the ‘lols’ as there’s one for Muhammad Ali and one for Music festivals there too.

Someone wrote Hayden should go visit his mom while another pointed out how ominous that ‘yet’ is.

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